Wednesday, October 04, 2017


Mark Mitchell Schultz was born on September 16, 1970 and was adopted when he was two weeks old.  He released his self-titled debut album, which included the touching song ‘He’s my Son’, in 2000.  In 2001 he put out SONG CINEMA (Word).  It was produced by Monroe Jones and executive produced by Brad O’Donnell.  Schultz and Tony Wood co-wrote the energetic opening pop song ‘When the Mountains Fall’.  It’s one of encouragement: `When you walk through the fire/It will not consume you/Thought the water will rise/It won’t overtake you/Though the mountains will fall/Oh, still I am with you/I’ve called you by name/And I will not leave you/I’m learning to trust You/I’m learning to fly”.  ‘Back in His Arms Again’ is a beautiful song addressed to a prodigal: “Though you’ve run away/Reminded day by day/You’ve stumbled and you’ve fallen/Still He’s calling.../I believe that He never let you go/I believe that He’s wanting you to know/I believe that He’ll lead you ‘til you’re back in His arms again”.  ‘Think of Me’ is a lovely adult contemporary ballad about true friendship: “Think of me/I know God brought you as a friend/Think of me/I know He’ll bring you back again/Think of me/What can I say to show you/I’ll never give up on you/I will be waiting for you/I will be there when you call/I will see you through it all”.  Rachael Lampa, whom I named my daughter after, performs a perfect duet with Mark on this one!

Schultz and Regie Hamm wrote ‘I Have Been There’ which speaks of God’s faithfulness: “An older man up on a hill/Holding flowers but he can’t hold back the tears/Oh, he has come to say goodbye/He thinks about the life she lived/Thinks about how hard it’s been to live without her/Sixty years right by his side/And he cries ‘Oh Lord, I loved her ‘til the end’/Then he heard a gentle voice say ‘You’ll see her once again’/I have been there/I know what sorrow’s all about/Yes, I have been there/And I am standing with you now”.  Next Schultz covers Mr. Mister’s 1985 classic hit ‘Kyrie’.  Kyrie Eleison means ‘Lord have mercy on us’.  It’s a terrific pop/rock tune: “Kyrie Eleison down the road that I must travel/Kyrie Eleison through the darkness of the night/Kyrie Eleison where I go You will follow/Kyrie Eleison on a highway in the light”.

‘Holy One’ is one of several songs penned by Shultz alone.  It’s a pretty ballad appropriate for Easter: “You took the nails/You bore the pain/And as they hung You on the cross and mocked You/Holy One, if you’re the Holy One let your God come and save you from the grave.../Early morn, break of day/Came in time to find the rock You rolled away/I found Your robe/An empty grave/And as I fell upon the ground I cried out/Holy One, You are the Holy One/And You came and gave Your life away”.  ‘Back to You’ is a pleasant pop song nature lovers will relate to: “Sitting here on the dock as the sun is setting/Red and gold in a purple sky/And the breeze through the trees keeps them gently rocking/Just like the waves that are keeping time.../All around, hear the sound of creation singing/Lift their praise up to God on high/I know You’re there, know You care/I know You made the moment/I take a breath and I close my eyes”.

‘Faith, Hope and Love’ is an upbeat adult contemporary song penned for graduates: “A chapter done/Turn the page/And separate roads lead separate ways/But as we go we’re not alone/No, we’re not alone/Because faith and hope and love/Are waiting for you when we say goodbye/Where would we be without the faith?/Where would we be without the hope?/Where would we be without the faith?/The one that God alone has made?”  ‘The Time of my Life’ is a moving love song: “The months went by, it was their wedding day/A church on a hill, wedding bells rang away/She looked like a princess all dressed up in pearls/It was her proudest day/And he stood all alone in a darkened church hallway/He got down on his knees and he started to pray/He thanked the Lord for his family and the perfect bride”.  Last up is ‘We are Calling You’ which includes Congo language and sounds.  Here are the English lyrics addressed to Christ: “When I’m calling out can you hear me calling Jesus?/When I’m crying out can you hear me crying Jesus?/Holy Lamb/Great I Am/How long, how long/Until we see Jesus?/Jesus, Jesus we are calling You (2X)”.

If you’re a fan of Wayne Watson and Michael W. Smith’s Christian pop music, you’re going to want to pick up SONG CINEMA.  The list of background vocalists is impressive: Schultz, Tabitha Fair, Chris Rice, Lisa Bevill, Bonnie Keen, Todd Smith and Nicol Smith.  Scott Dente from Out of the Grey is one of the guitarists.  This record makes it clear that God can relate to us in a personal relationship with Him.  He loves us and wishes to take care of us.  Schultz is grateful for life and reaches out to God.  There are also songs here about the male-female romantic relationship and about friendships.  Not to be forgotten is a great song about the crucifixion and resurrection.  Schultz relates his stories and thoughts in a very down to earth, everyday man manner and comes across as very likeable.  I’m rating SONG CINEMA 90%.  For more info visit: