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According to, Big Daddy Weave "met after college at the University of Mobile". In 2001 they released the independent album NEIGHBORHOODS. Their debut major label release, ONE AND ONLY (Fervent), dropped in the summer of 2002. Group members were: Mike Weaver (lead vocals, acoustic guitar, background vocals), Jay Weaver (bass, background vocals), Jeremy Redmon (electric guitar, background vocals), Jeff Jones (drums), and Joe Shirk (saxophone). The album was produced by FFH's Jeromy Deibler and executive produced by Susan Riley.

Starting things off is 'In Christ', a great adult pop song of testimony on which sax is used nicely: "While people keep searching for answers/Looking for a light in the dark/I'm standing with the answer/Cause He is living in my heart/In Christ I can do all things/In Christ I mount up on eagle's wings/In Christ I wait for a great reward that I have in store". 'Friend Like You' is a nice adult contemporary song of gratitude: "I woke up this morning/And looked out my window/I could see the sun shining down on me/It reminded me of You/And of all that You do, yeah/And of all the love that You've shown to me/Thank You Lord/Oh, thank You Lord/I am so thankful for a friend like You". A choir that includes three members of FFH (Michael Boggs, Jennifer Deibler, and Brian Smith) is used.

The title track, 'One and Only', is next. It's a praise and worship number: "Yes Lord You are/You are my one and only/Yes Lord You are/You are my one and only God/It is still hard to believe/That You look past all the flaws in me". 'Neighborhoods' is a funkified pop/rock song anticipating heaven: "One day I will fly to my mansion in the sky/And I'll have no regrets when I leave this place for good/When I say my last farewells/Oh, please don't forget to tell them/That I'm not really dead/I'm just changing neighborhoods".

'Being in Love With You' is an adult contemporary song reminding us we don't need to be flashy in our witnessing: "I don't need to try to be the flawless example lifted up for everyone to see/I don't need to stand and shout it/'Hey, I've got the answer!'/If Your presence is living in me/I won't need to talk about it in a church committee/For the world to know the truth/All I need to do is just be me/Being in love with You". 11 people provide claps. 'Audience of One' is a signature song for Big Daddy Weave. It's a modern worship anthem: "And I lift these songs to You and You alone/As I sing to You, in my praises make Your home/To my audience of One/You are Father and You are Son/As Your Spirit flows free let it find within me/A heart that beats to praise You". 

'Never Goin' Back' is the only song on which Mike Weaver has a co-writer. It is group member Jeremy Redmon. Jay Weaver provides background vocals on this jazz influenced pop song. It includes these biblical thoughts: "The wisdom of the cross is foolish to the one who won't receive it/Well, there is power just the same/To all who will believe it". 'Sacrifice' includes guest vocals by Shelley Nirider and more biblical thoughts: "And my righteousness is as filthy rags/But You've exchanged them/For the good things that You have".

Jennifer Deibler and Brian Smith are backing vocalists on 'Exalted Forever', a cheerful, upbeat number: "It is good to praise You Lord/To make music to Your holy Name Most High/To sing a song of Your love in the morning/And Your faithfulness, Your faithfulness at night". Last up is 'Rest', which finds Christ speaking: "Take My yoke upon you/Come and learn from Me/For I am humble in spirit and so you must also be/And lo, I will be with you in the midst of every test/If you run unto Me, I will give you rest".

ONE AND ONLY is a wonderful album. There are five pop songs and five adult contemporary, with about an equal number of fast and slow songs. It is evident that the group wants to put God first in their lives and have no other gods. They desire to know Him and love Him more. Christ is praised for His friendship, mercy, love, goodness, and giving us a brand new start spiritually. In Christ, we as believers find our true identity and the power to live the Christian life. Fans of Steven Curtis Chapman and MercyMe should buy this album which I'm rating 90%. For more info visit and/or connect with the band on social media.

Friday, February 22, 2019


Albert 'Al' Wray Denson was born on May 13, 1960 in Starkville, Mississippi. In 1985 he put out his first album STAND UP. Over the years he became known for such songs as 'Be the One', 'Say it With Love', and 'Reasons'. According to the 'Encyclopedia of Christian Music' by Mark Allan Powell: "In 1994 Denson was copiloting a small plane with his friend Grant Milner when the craft experienced engine failure on its approach for landing at the San Antonio airport. Milner was killed in the resulting crash and Denson suffered severe injuries". His first album after this was 1995's DO YOU KNOW THIS MAN? (1995, Benson). It's what I'll be reviewing here. Producers used were Paul Mills, Blair Masters, and Bryan Lenox, while Bill Baumgart served as executive producer.

Rick Elias and Regie Hamm wrote the opening number 'All Around the World'. It's a good pop/dance song that is highly optimistic: "All around the world/I see the arms of Jesus reaching/All around the world/He's healing hearts and souls/And teaching perfect love to every man and woman, boy and girl/'Til the light of heaven shines/All around the world". Strings, french horn, oboe, and saxophone are used on the adult contemporary ballad 'Soul to Soul'. It encourages unity: "My hair's too long and your clothes are way out of style/My music is much too loud and Perry Como's a bit too mild/These trivial things that drive us farther apart/For a much higher call/We must tear down the walls between our hearts".

Regie Hamm wrote 'Pledge to Purity'. It's a lovely duet with Tina Vallejo. It's one of spiritual devotion: "I pledge my life to do what's right/This is my sole security/Here in my heart/Both day and night/I'll make a pledge to purity". Phil Madeira plays B3 organ on 'Church of Love', a gospel number of inclusion: "The orphans of the world can find a sister or a brother/It's where the weary rest and the weak stand tall.../So bring the poor and bring the lonely/Bring the sin sick and diseased/There's no one perfect here/Only passionate disciples doing all they know to believe".

Next up is one of two songs solely penned by Dennis Patton. Lisa Keith and Micah Wilshire are backing vocalists on 'See Him'. It's an easy listening song with these words from one having a burden for another's soul: "How can I show you the love that you need to see?/And how can I tell you the truth and somehow make you believe?/Maybe just one word or a simple smile/Will bring you to your knees and you'll open your eyes and see Him". Dennis Patton and Steve Siler wrote the title track, 'Do You Know This Man?' Dan Huff plays guitars on this adult contemporary song that asks us to examine our standing with Jesus: "Do you know this Man?/Do you call His Name?/When no one can see/Do you call Him your King?/With nothing to gain do you take a stand?"

'Stand on Love' is an upbeat pop song encouraging unity amongst believers: "You see we're so concerned with labels and wanting to belong/We create so much division/We can't even get along/There's no time to judge each other/We're the only ones who lose/We need to come together/Upon the Word of truth". Al co-wrote 'Life on the Edge' with Linda Elias and Blair Masters. It's a pop/dance track of spiritual encouragement: "It's time to live what you believe/We live in a world that will demand your very soul/So stand apart and guard your heart/You can't follow the status quo/You've gotta walk the narrow road/You're not alone". Glenn Pearce provides an electric guitar solo.

Joe Beck, Al, and Brian White wrote 'One Nation Under God'. It's a patriotic cry for revival: "Our fathers built this land on the foundation of the Word/They gave their lives for truth and liberty/Yet today there's something missing/We've pushed aside God's Word/It seems we've lost the reason to believe/The banner's torn and tattered beneath a cloud of sin/And it's time we took America back to the cross again". Last up is the Leonard Ahlstrom/Al Denson composition 'More to Love Than Meets the Eye', on which Bob Carlisle is a backing vocalist. It's an easy listening ballad that includes these hope-filled words: "I keep dreaming of a place that waits behind the door/Where I will see for eternity/All that heaven has in store".

DO YOU KNOW THIS MAN? is the first Al Denson album I have in my collection and it's a dandy! Mainly adult contemporary and pop, there are also elements of easy listening, dance, and gospel. There are six slow songs and four faster ones. The importance of living pure, godly, devoted lives comes across quite clearly. Al stresses a need for unity and love amongst believers and warns against division. In addition, the need to share the Good News of God's love and salvation is a prevalent theme. If you enjoy the music of Wayne Watson and Clay Crosse, you should purchase this record, which I'm rating 100%. For more info visit and/or connect with him on Facebook.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019


Margaret Becker was born on July 17, 1959 in Bay Shore, New York. Early on she sang with the likes of Rick Cua and Steve Camp. Her debut solo album was 1987's NEVER FOR NOTHING (Sparrow). Fast forward to 1993 and she released her fifth album, SOUL (Sparrow). Charlie Peacock served as producer. In the liner notes, Becker writes: "There is a moment in time when the knowledge of love and the experience of love precariously meet to form one brilliant point of rest for the soul".

First up is 'Keep My Mind', one of four songs on this project solely penned by Margaret. Jerry McPherson plays guitar on this pop song that includes these words of confession: "Some steps my feet have taken in hot pursuit/Have led me to some places far away from You/But if I had my way/If it were up to me/I'd chain myself to You/And throw away, throw away the key". Chris Eaton sings backing vocals on 'This I Know', a pop song of celebration: "This I know, only this I know/That Your love never changes/As I go/Only this I know, only this I know/That Your love never changes/As I go".

'Say the Name' is one of four Becker/Peacock compositions. The Nashville String Machine is used on this adult contemporary ballad of determination: "With all the honor I can find/With all my heart, my soul, my mind/I will say the Name/Without defense, without shame/I will always speak the Name of Jesus". 'I Wouldn't Know' is a pop song that uses gang vocals and testifies: "Well, I hear You hum, I feel You breathe/I feel the same heart beating in You and me/I wouldn't know what love is (3X)/Without You, without You".

Margaret co-wrote 'This Flame' with Rick and Linda Elias. It's an adult contemporary ballad of spiritual devotion: "The greatest love I have ever found/Was like a treasure buried in a field of stones/Hidden there in the hardened ground/Was a gift more precious than gold/So I gave all I owned/Just to make it mine.../I will never leave Your side/And this flame will never die". 'The World I See in You' has a bit of a rock edge to it. I like these lyrics: "In Your world I've yet to see/A man too far, a mark too deep/A prodigal or refugee/That could not find shelter in You". Tommy Sims plays bass and Becker even raps a bit!

What follows is 'All That I Am', a quiet ballad singing God's praises: "Well, no one ever gave me/A love so sweet/That tips my heart to drink/When I'm fainting from the heat/That wraps my aching wounds in strips of mercy so tenderly/Is there anyone who can compare?" 'Soul Tattoo' is a groovy pop track about the durability of God's love: "It's like a soul tattoo, like a soul tattoo/Love like this'll never fade away/Like a soul tattoo/You can rub your fingers raw/But you can never get the mark to come off/You can hope it'll come to an end/But this love is forever and ever and ever/Amen".

Becker co-wrote 'Keeping Watch' with Christian rock legend Ed DeGarmo. It's a beautiful adult contemporary duet with Bob Carlisle. Many will relate to these thoughts: "Friends are all around me/There's laughter in my home/But still sometimes I feel so far away/Here inside of my heart/I'll always be alone/Until I finally touch Your gentle face". Closing things out is the adult pop song 'I Will Be With You'. It looks ahead to things to come: "When the sun goes black and the moon goes red/And all the final words have been said/I, I will be with You/When every dream is brought to life/And the hands of time roll back the night/Oh, I, I will be with You/I, I'm gonna be with You".

SOUL is a flawless album. There are six fast paced songs and four slower ones. Pop and adult contemporary are the main musical genres, but there are elements of dance and rock music mixed in. God's love for us is, without a doubt, the main theme on this record. He heals us and brings peace to us. We have the hope of heaven, but until then, we watch for Christ's return. We ought to live lives that are devoted and submitted to God. We can figuratively rest at His feet. There are some lovely photos of Margaret in the CD booklet. I'm rating SOUL 100% and recommending it to fans of Alannah Myles and Lisa Bevill. For more info visit and/or connect with her on social media.

Monday, February 18, 2019


Tommy Cathey was born in Dyersburg, Tennessee in 1951. I know him for being the cool, longtime bassist for Christian rock legends Degarmo & Key. He's also been a member of the mainstream bands Butterscotch Caboose, Alamo, Omaha, Target, and Almost Famous. Tommy has shared the stage with the likes of Peter Frampton and Black Sabbath. He's also done session work with the likes of Jackson Browne and Jerry Lee Lewis. Fast forward to 2017 and Tommy released his solo debut STOP DROP AND ROCK. I have an autographed copy of it!

'Jump and Shout' mixes 70's rock sounds with gospel and includes an electric guitar solo. It's about moving on after a failed relationship: "Gonna break this hold that you have on me/I'm gonna wipe the dust of you right off of my feet/You know you broke me down with your hit and run heart/And now that I am over you/I'll make a brand new start". 'Times Are A' Changin'' is a cool sounding 70's rock song with great electric guitar work. It's a song of encouragement: "Circle the wagons now/Don't you give up, don't give in/Reach for the power then you do it all over again.../Always gets better/We've been here before/Look for the light when you open the door/It's gonna get better, can't get much worse/Times are a' changin'".

Next up is 'Maybe in Time', one heck of a 70's rock number that plods along and offers these words of spiritual wisdom: "No time for indecision/Follow the Master Plan/This is no dress rehearsal/Open your eyes and see/We only pass through one time/Next stop...eternity". 'Sweet Reunion' doesn't even run two minutes. It's a pretty, acoustic song from a traveling musician addressed to his romantic partner: "I can't wait for sweet reunion/I can't wait to see your face/Counting minutes, counting hours/Til I'm in your warm embrace".

'Shadows' is a slow, calming, atmospheric sounding instrumental good for meditation. 'Makes Me Paranoid' rocks and is a song about indecision: "Oooh, it makes me paranoid/Oooh, I get so paranoid/Someone help me baby/I need to choose.../Once again I stand in open ground/Which way to go/And I'm wondering what to do/I think it's only my distractions running loose".

What follows is 'Can't Live Without You', a ballad that includes these very relatable lyrics: "No, don't ever go/You have to know/I can't make it without you/Oh, I love you so/Don't ever go/I can't live without you now". The electric guitar work here is a highlight. 'Two Hearts' is a short, sentimental, easy listening love song: "Two hearts beating as one/Two hearts love has begun/Now we stand hand in hand/In love's celebration/Now you see, we'll share our dreams in life's celebration".

'Fight the Good Fight' sounds like an older era DeGarmo & Key Christian rock song. It's about spiritual warfare: "I hear the battle sound/I see it goin' down/I'll go where peace is found/I reach for higher ground.../When the war is over/You've put up your best defense between Heaven and Hell/There can be no straddled fence". What a great song! Track 9 on the CD also includes the Bonus Track 'Measure of A Man'. Eddie Smith, a singer-songwriter of country music in Memphis, and a friend of Tommy's sings lead here. This notable country ballad speaks of a proposal: "A lazy old moon and a southern breeze/The happy in your laugh/Just hangin' out with me/A ring in a box/And your tremblin' hands/The heart of a woman/The measure of a man".

STOP DROP AND ROCK is a wonderful solo debut. Tommy Cathey's musical influences include Steely Dan, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, and The Eagles, and that comes through on this record. Here, we have five 70's rock tracks, four sort of easy listening, and one country. There are an equal number of fast songs and ballads. Tommy is a good vocalist and an accomplished bass player. He also contributes acoustic guitar. Five musicians support him on this effort. Lyrically, this album is about having an optimistic outlook on life and living with eternity in mind. There are love songs and songs of encouragement to his fellow travelers. I'm rating STOP DROP AND ROCK 90% and recommending it to fans of Dogs of Peace. For more info visit and/or connect with him on Facebook.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019


Geoff Moore was born on February 22, 1961 in Flint, Michigan. He released three solo albums between 1984 and 1987, with the first being WHERE ARE THE OTHER NINE? From 1988 to 1997 he released several pop/rock albums with his band The Distance. Some of my fave songs from that era include 'The Vow', 'Life Together', 'Good to Be Alive', and 'Evolution...Redefined'. In 1999 he returned to solo records. In 2011 he put out SAYING GRACE (Simpleville Records). In the liner notes Geoff writes: "The life and breath of these songs come from my friends and family and the roads we have walked together and the things we have seen. Many too beautiful or too painful to ever forget".

'I Believe' is a great adult contemporary song of personal testimony: "I believe in the way that You have set me free/I believe in the truth of all You've said to me/I believe in the life that You have given me/I believe (6X)/Alleluia to our King!" The title track, 'Saying Grace', was written by Geoff, Alli Rogers, and Don Chaffer. Also adult contemporary, it reflects on the Last Supper: "They were all together for the very last time/The bread would soon be broken/Then the spilling of the wine/This is my life, I'm pouring out for you/So always remember in everything you do/To open your mouth and say/God is good and God is great!" The female backing vocals here are nice.

'Loved' is a great adult pop song of spiritual encouragement: "On your best day, on your worst day/Every second that you're breathing you are loved, loved/You can rise up, you can fall down/And it never changes how much you are loved, loved/What if you woke up tomorrow and believed His grace was true/That forgiveness is for everyone/Even for you?" Next up is 'The Story of Love', a quiet song of reflection: "I've been thinkin' about my story/The places I come from/Been thinkin' about the mercy/That's shaped what I've become/Been thinkin' about my children/I pray I'm passin' on/The story of love that runs through everything".

'Overwhelming Love' was penned by Geoff, Jason Walker, and Jeff Pardo. It's a modern worship number: "If we could see just one glimpse of who You are/Then we would be undone/By Your astounding, by Your amazing/By Your relentless, overwhelming love". It's a definite highlight! Geoff and Andy Gullahorn wrote 'The Body of Christ', a lovely song: "It's the feet that will carry the prodigal home/The tongue that refrains from recounting the wrong/The arms that will hold you till all shame is gone/This is the body of Christ/We are so many parts/But together we move/Doesn't that fearfully, wonderfully prove/We need each other?"

'Find Me in the Fields' is an adult contemporary song exalting God: "Find me in the fields/Holding nothing back/Find me with praises on my mind and dirt on my hands/And the day the whole earth sees Your glory and kneels/Won't You find me/Find me in the fields?" What follows is 'The Long Way', a pop/rock track that includes these thought provoking lyrics: "Some say it's foolishness to wander/Some say it's weak to wonder why/But I've discovered when I'm honest/That's when my faith is most alive".

'The Wonder of Kindness' is a tender song about God's goodness: "In all my questions, in all my pain/I have pushed and kicked/Against all of these things I can't explain/But my defenses crumble and fall/At the kindness You have woven through it all". Last up is the beautiful ballad 'I Was Made to Love You' which Geoff dedicates to his wife Jan and their adopted Chinese girls. This is the chorus: "I was made to love you/I know this for sure/And as surely as I love you/I know that this is what I was created for".

SAYING GRACE contains six adult contemporary ballads and four more upbeat numbers. Geoff's voice is seasoned and mature. Sonically, this record puts me in mind of Rich Mullins and what he may have put out circa 2011 if he had still been alive. On this record Geoff praises God for many things including the cross and salvation, love, goodness, mercy, creation, and kindness. Geoff's love for his family comes through very clearly. He encourages believers to trust God even in the hard times and to work together as Christ's body. I'm recommending this album to those thirty and over and rating it a 95%. For more info visit www.geoffmoore and/or connect with him on social media.

Monday, February 11, 2019


Sheila Walsh was born on July 5, 1956 in Ayr, Scotland. She released her debut CCM album FUTURE EYES back in 1981. After releasing a handful of other albums she joined Pat Robertson as co-host of 'The 700 Club' in 1987. She also hosted the talk show 'Heart to Heart with Sheila Walsh'. In 1992 she left 'The 700 Club'. She went on to be a speaker and author. She has been open about her struggles with depression. In 2010 she released the album I HEAR ANGELS (Women of Faith), which I am reviewing here. It was produced by John Hartley and executive produced by Lara Dulaney and Barry Walsh. In the liner notes, you'll find these words: "Sheila would like to thank those who worked so hard to make this project not just possible but pure joy!"

'Immortal Invisible' is a pleasant adult pop song of adoration: "To all life Thou givest both great and small/In all life Thou livest true life of all/Great Father of glory, pure Father of light/Thine angels adore Thee/All veiling their sight". John Hartley and Gary Sadler wrote 'You Are Beautiful'. It's a quiet worship song: "You are beautiful, oh Lord/You are high and lifted up/For there is no One like You/Your glory fills the earth/You are beautiful, beautiful/You are beautiful".

Miriam Webster's 'Made Me Glad' is next. It's an easy listening testimonial: "I'll say of the Lord/You are my shield, my strength, my portion/Deliverer, my shelter, strong tower/My very present help in times of need". Fernando Ortega wrote 'Jesus King of Angels', a pretty song that includes these prayerful words: "Remind me how You made dark spirits flee/And spoke Your power to the raging sea/And spoke Your mercy to a sinful man/Remind me, Jesus/For this is what I am".

A lovely, lengthy version of the beloved hymn 'How Great Thou Art' follows. These lyrics are ones of gratitude: "And when I think that God His Son not sparing/Sent Him to die/I scarce can take it in/That on the cross/My burden gladly bearing/He bled and died to take away my sin". John Hartley, Katie Gufstafson, and Derri Daugherty wrote 'Hallelujah'. It's a great ballad! I particularly like these words: "I will never be ashamed for Your mercies I'll proclaim/There is power in Jesus' Name/Hallelujah!/On the cross He bore my sin/When He died and rose again/And ascended into heaven/Hallelujah!"

'To God Alone' is a tender song of worship: "And so to God alone I owe everything/For my every breath/For my hopes and dreams/For the lessons learned/And past forgiven/For this precious gift of life worth living". Gerrit Gustafson wrote the adult contemporary title track, 'I Hear Angels'. It anticipates things to come: "I hear angels singing praises/I see men from every nation/Bowing down before the throne".

The classic hymn ''Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus', follows. It speaks of redemption: "Oh, how sweet to trust in Jesus/Just to trust His cleansing blood/And in simple faith to plunge me/'Neath the healing, cleansing flood". Last up is 'You Belong Here'. Kyle Matthews co-wrote it with Chris Eaton. This inspirational number includes these wonderful words: "And I will throw the door wide open/Run to meet you at the gate/There will be a glad reunion/We have much to celebrate/You belong here/Welcome home!"

I HEAR ANGELS is a superb album! Genre-wise it's a mix of inspirational/easy listening and light adult pop. The majority of the songs are ballads and Sheila's voice is perfectly suited to such fare. The backing vocalists Lisa Cochran, Terry White, and Chris Eaton, also do a great job! Two of the songs were arranged and played by the late Tom Howard. Thematically, we find gratitude for the cross, gratitude for God's love and beauty, and gratitude for God's personal care for each of us. There are also songs that declare a love for and trust in God, and that anticipate heaven. I'm rating I HEAR ANGELS 100% and recommending it to fans of Michelle Tumes, Enya, Maire Brennan, and Annie Herring. For more info visit and/or connect with her on social media.

Wednesday, February 06, 2019


Area Code released their debut album ONE BIG WORLD (1991, Myrrh), many moons ago. Group members were: Stacy B, Jeffrey Smith, Leanza Cornett, and Lindsey Seals. I was able to get in touch with Lindsey via the Internet. He says the group was named as it was because "the idea was to be able to reach all types of people in all types of places". The group's purpose was "to have music that would rival some of the current pop groups of the time". Also, "to show young people primarily, that you could really love Jesus , and be cool and have fun at the same time". ONE BIG WORLD was produced by Eric Champion and Collyer Spreen and executive produced by Chris Christian.

First up is 'Impossible Is Impossible' which is the only song not written and arranged by Eric Champion. This decent pop/dance song that includes rapping, was penned by Eric, Jeffrey Smith, and Stacy B. It's highly optimistic due to faith in God: "Problems, problems/Who's gonna solve them?/I know someone who can/Impossible is impossible/There's nothing that He can't do/If you'll just give it up/Let Him take control/The impossible will happen for you!" 'Follow You' is a pop/dance song of true spiritual devotion: "Nothing can stop this feeling that I feel inside, oh, no/It's like a blazing flame of fire shut up in my bones/Oh, there's a longing within my spirit to be more like You in every way/And no matter what the cost/That's what I'm willing to pay".

The adult contemporary ballad and title track, 'One Big World', follows. It's about the family of God and includes nice electric guitar work by Jerry McPherson. Here are some of the lyrics: "We share the same Father in heaven/The very same blood is flowing through our veins/We are one big world getting smaller/Living in harmony, living free". 'What in the World' is a pop/dance number about fulfilling the Great Commission: "Then all of a sudden it hit me like the stone cold truth/It's not a request, it's a command/Go to all nations, share the truth".

'Write On Me' is the song of one wanting to be used by God: "Write on me, sign Your Name on me/Lord, please take Your pen of love and write across my heart/Write a message that You want to share/And let me do my part". Next up is 'The Winning Side', a techno pop/dance track encouraging unity in the body of Christ: "It is time to join together and unite/We must tear down the walls built up around us that divide/Opinions cannot separate family ties/This army's eyes should be on the same prize".

'All of Me' is a slow adult contemporary ballad. It's a love song to God: "Lord, You gave the greatest gift to me/When You gave Your Son who died so unselfishly/And now I want to willingly give myself to You/For my everything is the least that I can do for You". The swell techno pop/dance song 'Final Frontier' follows. It points to our ultimate source of power: "Capturing thoughts, casting out fear/Conquering the final frontier.../Know where your strength comes from/Draw from His might/Cause He is the Son of God!"

'Havin' So Much Fun' will get your feet moving. It includes these wonderful words: "This joy I have, the world does not understand/Oh, no, even when bad times come, sure as the morning sun/I have security that He will rescue me/And turn bad times to good". Last up is 'Inside Out'. It is addressed to non-Christians: "Pleasure lasts for but a season/You got a short-term life without a reason/You could be a new creation/Take a stand on the Rock of salvation!"

ONE BIG WORLD is a fun album to listen to! I think it's aged pretty well. There are eight pop/dance tunes and two adult contemporary ones. The majority of the songs are fast paced. There are sweet, cheerful female vocals and soulful male vocals. Message-wise, it is clear Area Code wants to do God's will and has an overcoming attitude when it comes to spiritual warfare. Several of the songs talk about being a light for Christ and making disciples. A couple of the songs directly invite people to become Christians. Area Code also desires believers to be united worldwide. I'm rating this album 90% and recommending it to fans of Crumbacher, Kim Boyce, and California Dreams. So, what happened to the group members? Leanza Cornett became Miss Florida in 1992 and Miss America in 1993. She also worked on 'Entertainment Tonight', among other ventures. Jeff is now Senior Pastor at City of Life Church in Kissimmee, Florida. Lindsey Seals is Senior Associate/Music Pastor of NOW Church in Ocala, Florida. He is recording a live worship single on March 15/19. He says Stacy pastors with her husband in Canada. A second Area Code album was recorded but never released. I hope it is one day.