Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Midget, the Speck and the Molecule

The Swirling Eddies are certainly one of the more unique bands in the history of the genre of music that is known as Christian rock. They are a side project of Terry Scott Taylor of DANIEL AMOS and LOST DOGS fame. Taylor writes all of the songs on the Eddies latest release, 2007's The Midget, the Speck and the Molecule, released on Stunt Records. My favourite Swirling Eddies tune from past projects is 'Hide the Beer, the Pastor's Here', in which the singer doesn't want his pastor to find out he's human and has flaws.

The latest Eddies project begins with the snarly, guitar driven 'It all Depends'. It is reminiscient of DANIEL AMOS' Kalhoun-era material. The subject of the song is perspective, as evidenced by this lyric: "Well they took away dear Jesus and they hung Him on a cross/Some say He won in the end/And some say He lost." This is followed by the title track, which is a slow, alternative rock number, I take to be about conscience, and whether we heed or ignore it: "Ah, turn back baby, turn around/The bridge is out and you will surely drown."

It's hard to tell whether the next song, 'Madonna Inn', is supposed to be humorous, meant to stretch the boundaries of what is permissable in Christian music, or is merely a story song. You won't hear these lyrics on the Christian top twenty at any rate: "Baby, let's drive to madonna inn/I've saved up my dough/Just so you'd know/You're my lady madonna/I'm your holy joe/We'll do everything righteous that your mama calls sin/At madonna inn." To be fair, Taylor frames the story in the context of a honeymoon. 'My Cardboard Box' finds Taylor frisky again, this time as a homeless man: "Come home with me sweety/Cos I like you lots/My place gets a little cold/Might wanna double your socks/And I will warm you with my lovin'/As the temperature drops/We'll make it toasty as an oven/In my cardboard box."

If you've followed Terry Scott Taylor's music over the years, you know he writes a lot tongue-in-cheek, and can be quite entertaining. Such is the case with the quiet 'Snow in a Can': "Candles for romance/Canned music for mood/Sex in a pill, and tan in a tube/For winter a heater, for summer a fan/Instant coffee and cameras, sea-monkeys and tang/Is just some of the stuff which I think is grand."

The Swirling Eddies have cooked up a real treat here on The Midget, the Speck and the Molecule. Some listeners may be offended by mild cursing. 77%.
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