Thursday, October 14, 2010


     I have two initial thoughts after listening to the NEWSBOYS latest full length project with new lead singer Michael Tait, BORN AGAIN (2010, Inpop).  First of all, this sounds neither like a NEWSBOYS record, or a TAIT project.  It sounds like a fresh new band for the most part.  Secondly, the album strikes me as being one of the most blatantly Christian albums lyrically I have heard in the Christian market lately.  It is a textbook of sorts for the Christian lifestyle.
     BORN AGAIN leads off with the title track, which is a good rock number that describes what the process leading up to conversion can be like: "I found myself looking into the mirror/Knew I wasn't who I wanted to be/Was living life the way I wanted/But my eyes reminded I'm not free."  'Escape' is another rocker, this time about fighting temptation.  It encourages believers with these words: "Press toward the Light/And the Light will ground you/Go with the flow/And the flow will drown you" and "Don't believe the hype/It's such a letdown."
     'One Shot' and 'When the Boys Light Up' are about sharing one's faith in Christ.  The latter song also addresses those who thought the band was done when lead singer Peter Furler retired from the road: "All the doubters-I heard 'em say/Now the band's gonna fade away/But the boys are back for a second act." And that they are!
     'Way Beyond Myself' has a contemporary, techno feel to it, and features female vocals by Chanel Campbell.  'Impossible' feels like a R&B song, and lyrically will be appreciated by possibility thinkers with a Christian bent.  'Running to You' and 'On your Knees' are both melodic numbers about prodigals returning home to God the Father.
     'Mighty to Save' is a great cover song for this band, which emphasizes the Good News and shining it brightly: "Saviour, He can move the mountains/My God is mighty to save/He is mighty to save/Forever, author of salvation/He rose and conquered the grave/Jesus conquered the grave."  The cd closes with a good cover of dc talks's 1995 hit 'Jesus Freak', with rapping duties handled by KJ52.
     Not only is BORN AGAIN a good pop/rock album, more importantly it encourages youth to give themselves wholeheartedly to Jesus. And this could start a spiritual revolution!
     I'm giving this one an 87%.