Tuesday, April 12, 2011


     The Proverbs have been a favourite gospel music group of mine since I was less than half my current age of 37.  In 2008 the group released their nineteenth album in forty-one years, GIVE IT AWAY.  It was also at this time that Karyl Tymciw rejoined the group, joining core members Dave and Kathy Daw, her brother and her sister-in-law. 
     GIVE IT AWAY begins with the upbeat, horn accentuated title track that suggests the only path to true happiness is to give of oneself: "If you want less lonely and a lot more fun/And deep satisfaction when the day is done/Throw your heart wide open and give it away."  'Come See Me' has a slow, country feel to it and is about a person who has a relationship with Christ and wants to share Him with others.  'Power in the Name of Jesus' is a powerful, moving ballad that describes the plight of a young single mother, the imprisoned, a widow, and a church needing revival.  The following solution is offered: "There is power in the name of Jesus/There is hope, there is strength and victory to claim/There is healing in His holy presence/There is power in His Name."  'Ghost in this House' could quite easily be a Carman novelty song.  It speaks of the fact that one never quite knows when and how the Holy Spirit will move: "It's a hidden mystery just when it will take place/But when it does get ready church, this place is gonna shake."  Next up is Loretta Lynn's upbeat country tune 'Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven.'  It reflects on our attachment to this world.
     'It Ain't Over when it's Over' is an happy gospel number that celebrates life eternal: "It ain't over when it's over/When that final day arrives/Oh this body may get colder/But our soul will never die."  'It is Well with my Soul' is given a beautiful acappella treatment.  'Great is our Reward' will please bluegrass fans and has great instrumentation.  It is a lyrical rendering of the parable of the Sheep and the Goats.  'Even in the Valley' is an inspirational ballad.  It is a song for the storms of life: "Even in the valley God is good/Even in the valley He is faithful and true/He carries His children through like He said He would."  'River of Jordan' by Jeff and Sherri Easter is done Johnny Cash style.
     'The Shepherd's Call' is a ballad about the Father heart of God: "Though I went astray/I never once left His heart."  'Walkin' with Jesus' sounds like a Happy Goodman's tune and is about life as a celebration with a sure heavenly destination: "Yes I'm walkin' with Jesus to that land so fair/Saints'll be singin'/Joybells ringin'/When we all get there."  The album closes with 'God Only Cries for the Living' that reminds us when a loved one who knew Jesus passes away, they are at peace.
     GIVE IT AWAY is a solid contemporary gospel project.  The vocals on this record are some of the best the group has ever produced.  If you're a fan of good harmonies, you won't be disappointed.  I'm rating this one a 85%.  For more info on The Proverbs visit http://www.theproverbs.com/ .  Also stay tuned to this blog in the coming weeks and months for further reviews of some of their newer product. Special thanks to Dave, Kathy, and Karyl.