Friday, January 27, 2012


     You can really learn a lot about what an artist values by reading their 'Thank You's'.  In the liner notes for her new album IF IT LEADS ME BACK (2011, Reunion Records) Lindsay McCaul writes: "To my Pastor James MacDonald, thank you for boldly proclaiming the Word of God without apology and showing me what it looks like to be faithful servant.  To my entire Harvest family: I so treasure being a part of 'us.'  Your passion for Jesus is exemplary and inspiring...let's keep lifting up the Name above all names!"  She writes to her audience: "I pray that with every listen these songs lead you closer to Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of our faith."
     The album begins with the upbeat 'Say My Name' about how God helps us move forward in our lives: "I cradle the pain, regret that remains/I play it over and over differently/But it's over 'cause You said I am free/You say my name/And tell me I can walk away/From all my fears and yesterday."  'Ready' is one of three songs solely written by Lindsay.  It talks of how we try to earn favour with God: "You never asked me for perfection/And I'd never make it if I tried/But I kept searching for the chance to clear my name/For my foolish pride, with You waiting all the while."  'Come Rest' deals with the futility of our human efforts at pleasing God: "Seeking value in Your sight, but I was wrong/For all the labor I have done/Is but a candle to the sun/I can see that it would never measure up.../So I come to the water's edge/I rest in Your promises/That all You ever wanted was me here."
     'Take My Hand' is a ballad about when God allows us to go through trials: "Couldn't You see I was unprepared?/I'm not asking for reasons You hold or the safety of land/I just need You to take my hand."  'Face to Face' is a pleasant pop song that anticipates meeting the Lord: "Every morning sky brings a rising sun/And my anxious heart knows with every one/This could be the day You have promised me/Take me in Your arms for all eternity.../Every day in history soon will be rolled up like a scroll/In Your presence finally/I will stand before You healed and whole."  'You Never Change' written with Jason Ingram and Rusty Varenkamp, has a cheery sound to it and tells of the steadfast nature of God: "Sun and the rain, joy and the pain/Autumn, winter, spring and summer/In the heat of the day or the cool of the night/You're still the same/You're holding my hand wherever I am/You keep me here in wide-eyed wonder/And through it all, You will remain/You never change."  'Speak' is a soaring song that finds Lindsay crying out to the Lord for His presence and Word: "I waited at twilight for signs of relief/From an ache that arrested the day/But now sunset is gone and I'm still here alone/Yet in fierce desperation I'll stay/So visit me here in the shadows/Restore my sight/I'll linger as long as it takes/I will wait with all of my might/I'm crying out/Speak to me." 
     'Hold On To Me' is a quiet song that announces that it is in God Lindsay finds her security: "So sound the alarm of mercies untold/Wrap me in Your arms and never let me go.../You're the ground that doesn't shake/You're the branch that doesn't break/You're the light that never fades/And You're holding on/There's never been a time/You've ever left my side/Your love never dies/And You're holding on."  'Where Do You Go' written with Jason Ingram, and Marty Sampson of Hillsong fame, is a great song that uses a vocal echo.  The lyrics describe a spiritual experience we can all relate to: "So where do you go/When there's no voice from Heaven?/Where do you go/When all you have are questions?/Maybe the silence is His mercy/And there's beauty in His mystery/You should know you're not alone/Wherever you go."  Lindsay wrote 'Let Go' about struggling with an eating disorder herself and seeing a friend in college struggling with one as well.  It seeks the Lord for direction: "Cradle my hands, my knuckles so white/Open them up and say it's alright/Show me a plan, call it Your own/Make it a journey leading me home."  'If It Leads Me Back' closes the album and is written with one of her heroes, Cindy Morgan.  It is a lovely song that has Lindsay humbly singing: "I will face the storm/And surrender all I have/If that's what I have to do/If it leads me back to You/I would walk a thousand miles/And crawl if I have to/If that's what I have to do/If it leads me back to You." 
     IF IT LEADS ME BACK TO YOU chronicles one lady's faith walk with very meaningful lyrics.  Lindsay is a great, wholesome role model for young ladies!  Her voice has a husky, raspy quality to it.  Fans of Bethany Dillon, Colbie Caillat, and Mark Schultz are likely to enjoy this record which I'm rating 84.5%.  For more info visit: and