Wednesday, March 14, 2012


     According to her Facebook page Izzi Ray "is an up and coming young artist with a new, fresh take on songwriting and melody.  With a rich, warm, yet young and vibrant voice, Izzi brings a sweet and clear message of faith, hope and love in her songs."  She cites her influences as Phil Wickham, John Mayer, and Brooke Fraser.  On her self-titled debut (2012, Metro One) Izzi Ray wrote nine of the ten tracks.  Izzi Ray, Nic Rodriguez, and her brother Solomon Ray are responsible for all the vocals and instrumentation.
     'More Than Conquerors' is a mid-tempo number that starts with drum beats that remind me of the start of Michael W. Smith's 'Secret Ambition.'  The song is based on Romans 8:31, 37: "If my God is for me who can be against me?/If my God is for me who can bring me down?/If my God is for me no one can defeat me/If my God is for me/Bring it on!/We are more than conquerors (3X)/Through love/We are more than conquerors (3X)/Through Your love."  'Jeremiah' is a soothing ballad of exhortation directed towards young people: "Get up, the Lord has spoken to you/Get up, you're not too young to be used/Do not be afraid/Stand up and say/Exactly what I tell you to/I set you apart/My Word's in your heart/Now you know what to do/Like Jeremiah (4X)."  'Our Time is Now' is a great, upbeat pop song.  It is a song of one confident in their faith: "When I see Your face/I will run to You/When I hear Your Name/I will follow You/Nothing, nothing can stop us, stop us/From spreading the Truth/Nothing, nothing can stop us, stop us/From spreading the Truth/Our time is now (4X)."
     'From Death' was penned by her brother Solomon. It is a playful sounding song of praise: "You are/You are/King of my heart/You are/You are/Lord of my love.../You have ripped me from death/Into life/Where I can see/Where I can breathe/You're beautiful/Into light/Where I can see/Where I can breathe and be with You."  'Drowning' finds Izzi acknowledging her desperate need for the Lord: "All this emptiness/Like chains around my neck/It weighs me down/It's gettin' hard to breathe/Rescue Me/I'm gonna drown/They pull me down/I'm confused/I need some help/Cut me loose/You need to set me free."  'Here I Am' begins with a keyboard solo and these words, inspired by Isaiah 6: "Woe is me for I am undone/I dwell in the midst of unholy ones/But You're takin' away all these things/My eyes have seen the holy King/Here I am/Send me/I'm willing/I'm ready/I'll say what You said/I won't be afraid or discouraged."
     'Crazy' has a funky groove to it, and finds Izzi love sick and a bit angry: "Stop gettin' inside my head/Just go to her instead/Just stay away from me/Don't be so nice to me/Make up your mind/You need to pick a side/Can we please stop this game?/I don't know how to play/I'm on the losing team/So why did you lead me on?/This heartache's going on and on/Don't know which way to turn/You're making me crazy."  'Your Eyes' is a slow, romantic love song: "You're the one, you're the one/I've been prayin' for/You're the one, you're the one/I've been waitin' for/You're the one, you're the one/I've been hopin' for/You're the one, you're the one/I've been holdin' out for/When I stare into your eyes/You're all that I need/When you stare right back into mine/You're everything/When you say something so sweet/It makes me sing/When you look at me/My heart stops beating."  These two human relationship songs really round out the album.
     'Running' shows Izzi's sincere passion for God and appropriately has a driven sound to it with heavy percussion: "I'm running/I'm running to You/Can't go any faster/I'm running/I'm running to You/Can't go any higher/Running, I'm running to You/Can't go any faster/Running, I'm running to You/I'll praise Your Name."  The album ends as it started, on a mid-tempo note.  'I Know I'll Make It' showcases creative instrumentation and makes it known Izzi wants to share her faith with others before it is too late: "This world is crazy/There's so much fear/Gotta get ready/The end is near/So let's make Him famous/Let's make it clear/It's almost over/He's almost here/I know I'll make (2X)/I know I'll make it through."
     IZZI RAY has a maturity and artistry to it not found on projects by her contemporaries such as Miley Cyrus and V. Rose.  You can really tell she poured her heart into this one.  Izzi Ray is a beautiful girl in love with the Lord.  She has a promising career ahead of her.  I should mention she is the teenage daughter of CCM legend Crystal Lewis and music producer/record company executive Brian Ray.  I'm rating IZZI RAY 85%.  For more info visit:,,, or find her on Facebook!