Sunday, June 03, 2012


Thousand Foot Krutch is a great rock band whose music has been used by well known organizations such as ESPN, NASCAR, and WWE.  This band with origins in Peterborough, Ontario has now released seven studio albums and one live project.  Some of my favourite songs from them are: 'Rawkfist', 'Absolute', 'Fire it Up', and 'Already Home'.  After several albums with Tooth and Nail Records, Krutch made a gutsy move and decided to go independent, raising funds with the assistance of fans through Kickstarter for their latest project THE END IS WHERE WE BEGIN (2012).  The CD is co-produced by Aaron Sprinkle who has also produced projects for Jeremy Camp and Starflyer 59, and Trevor McNevan.  The album shows the musical influence of artists such as Run-DMC, the Beastie Boys, and Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Of it, lead singer, McNevan says: "This record in a lot of ways, is a bridge going back to where we came from, traveling all the way through where we've been, to where we're going."

'The Introduction' opens the album with a distorted vocal that presents a mission and a mandate to the listener: "You must find the Truth...Remember, not what it seems...If you don't stand for might fall for anything."  'We Are' is an electric guitar driven rock song that has the band coming out swinging: "We are the ones, we are the guns/And we will run/We are the voice of a song unsung/We are the change, we are the chains that hold us/We are the choice, we are the strong/We are one/My heart is racin' just like a rocket/Victory looks like a distant dream/'Cause what we're fighting's not gonna stop it/But we can beat it, if we just believe."  'Light Up the Sky' continues the battle theme with these rapped lyrics: "Game time, rippin'/Mint condition/Lights out, stompin' all competition/My utmost to His highest/It gets no flyer/Oh, oh, we set the main frame on fire/Boom! Code red, feel the lead/From the pedal I pushed/To the metal, the dust never settles/F5 Level, kick up the bass, and the/Treble, 'cause faith, that's a rebel/I can show you the devil."

1 Peter 2:11 reads: "Dear friends, I urge you as aliens and strangers in the world, to abstain from sinful desires, which war against your soul."  'The End is Where We Begin' is a great rock title track!  It is the song of a Christian declaring their true identity: "I'm an alien, 'cause I'm not of this world/I have a name, but I've been changed/And now I can't stay the same...The end is where we begin/It's crawling back, when we run away, run away/'Cause the end is where we begin/Where broken hearts mend/And start to beat again."  'Let the Sparks Fly' features Trevor screaming along to a heavy rock beat.  The song speaks of outreach: "Let me take you into the light/There's nowhere to hide/There's nothin' but darkness left here/Shake it off and let's take a ride/'Cause heaven's not far away/And I'm not gonna leave you here."  'I Get Wicked' has the band still rocking hard with heavy guitars, bass, and drums.  The message is one of having a very strong faith: "My faith's my life...I am not afraid of this mountain in my way/You can push me to my knees, I believe/And I am now awake, uncontrolled, and unashamed/When it rushes over me, I feel free/Go!"  The song draws on Mark 11:23: "I tell you the truth if anyone says to this mountain, 'Go throw yourself into the sea,' and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him."

'Be Somebody' is a thoughtful ballad of praise: "And You create in me/Somethin' I would have never seen/When I could only see the floor/You made my window a door/So when they say they don't believe/I hope that they see You in me/After all the lights go down/I'm just the words, You are the Sound/A strange type of chemistry/How You've become a part of me/And when I sit alone at night/Your thoughts burn through me/Like a fire You're the only One/Who knows who I really am."  'This is a Warning' is a short instrumental with a dark feel to it.  'Courtesy Call' has the band going another round in spiritual warfare with the devil: "There's a rumble in the floor/So get prepared for war/When it hits it'll/Knock you to the ground/While it shakes up everything around/But survival is a must/So will you stand with us?/Can you feel it?/Make it real and/Make me feel it."  'War of Change' is a very creative song musically, has a catchy chorus, and is a song that tells of spiritual growth birthed via inner struggle: "There's a war goin' on inside of me tonight/Don't be afraid (2X)/Wait, it's just about to break/It's more than I can take/Everything's about to/Change, I feel it in my veins/It's not goin' away/Everything's about to change (2X)."

In Matthew 5:13a Jesus says: "You are the salt of the earth..."  'Down' is an urgent rap/rock number.  It is also the song of a man on a mission: "People used to tell me that I'm on my own/They said I'd never make a difference on this microphone/'Cause there's a million other people who could/Sing this song/I said 'Well thanks for the push 'cause you all were wrong'/Let's go/You wanna try to take me under?/I'll never bow till I'm six feet under/Listen to the sound of rolling thunder/You can't break me/You'll never take me down."  'All I Need to Know' is a pretty tune that has Trevor using his falsetto some.  The song reminds us that God is faithful to draw near to us just when we need Him to: "There's a moment in the morning/When I feel the most alone/But then I hear Your voice/Whisperin' my name/It's like a wave of understanding/And I never could have planned it/Where the questions and doubts all fade away."  'Fly on the Wall' has a good chorus but is not as good a song as Miley Cyrus' of the same name.  It speaks of overcoming the devil and becoming who we were created to be: "I don't think I need you anymore/Take your words and your lies, and just beat it/I don't think I need you anymore/Take the hurt and the pain, I don't need it/I wanna live, I wanna be the change/We can all be kings and queens/If we could just learn to believe (2X)."

Matthew 5:6 says: "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled."  'So Far Gone' conveys a desire for deep intimacy with God: "I want to be so far gone in You/So far nothing else will ever do/I want to be so far gone/In You, In You."  'Outroduction' ends the album the way it started, with a distorted vocal.  We are left with these words of advice for our journey: "Choose your decisions wisely/Change starts with us/Remember if you don't stand for something/You might fall for anything." 

THE END IS WHERE WE BEGIN is a dandy follow up to 2009's WELCOME TO THE MASQUERADE.  Krutch continues their full on rock assault while sharing a positive, encouraging message.  Fans of Skillet should enjoy this album.  In the liner notes Trevor McNevan thanks: "My God, Who is my refuge and strength.  Without You, there's nothing."  Joel Bruyere (bass) thanks: "God who radiates grace, patience, love, peace, and pure understanding.  I am in awe every minute of every day."  Steve Augustine (drums and percussion) thanks: "God, thank You for all Your promises, for blessing me with a wonderful family, and incredible group of friends."  I'm rating THE END IS WHERE WE BEGIN 90%.  For more info visit