Tuesday, December 04, 2012


Walter Clayton Crossnoe was born on February 11, 1967. He grew up in Memphis, TN and became a Christian when he was thirteen. He married his high school sweetheart Renee in 1990. They have four kids and two of them were adopted from China. Clay Crosse’s debut album was 1993’s MY PLACE IS WITH YOU. In 1995 he won a Dove Award for ‘Best New Artist of the Year’. Over the years he has been known for such songs as ‘I Surrender All’, ‘His Love is Strong’, ‘Saving the World’, and ‘I Will Follow Christ’, the latter of which featured BeBe Winans and Bob Carlisle. In 2010 Clay threw his fans a curve and gave us a terrific Americana album, EVERYTIME I FEEL THE SPIRIT. Now he is back on the scene with rededication (2012).

The album starts out with the wonderful first AC single ‘I Rest in You’. Clay wrote it with Brian White, and album producer Regie Hamm. Hamm actually co-writes seven of the ten songs presented. This opening song begins with these words of testimony: “You’re the peace that passes understanding/In a world that’s changing/You’re the hope that’s everlasting/When the walls are crashing down/You’re the love that’s greater than/The doubt that tries to steal my faith and/You’re the only truth that I have found.” ‘reDedication’ is a touching ballad about a spiritual homecoming: “I’m so amazed at what You’ve brought me through/So I give my life back to You/Rededication/Rededicating myself to the One/Who’s my only salvation/To the One with His arms open wide/The One who is Lord of my life/Rededication.”

‘Vessel’ written by Regie Hamm, Fred Wilhelm, and Nick DePartee finds Clay desiring to be involved in God’s purposes here on earth: “From the deep blue sea/To the tops of the mountains/It all points back to You/And I’m on my knees/Praying You make me an instrument You use/So pour over me.” The first INSP single is ‘Your River’s Wide Enough’ written by Bernie Herms and Jennie Lee Riddle (Revelation Song). This single is a great song of praise: “Love pours out/Grace flows down/You’re everywhere, all around/Your mercy runs, a vast supply/Healing rains from Your side/Your river’s wide enough/Your river’s wide.”

Isaiah 55:9 reads: “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.” ‘Waving a White Flag’ is a soulful, gospel influenced number that documents how hard it is to kill the old man, which is the flesh: “I don’t know why I ever fought You/Why I dodge You, but I confess/That all of Your ways are so much higher/And You always know what’s best…I’m at the end of myself/This game of tug of war is through/Surrendering everything/I dedicate my life to You.” ‘Working on a Building’ has a crazily funky groove to it and features Russ Taff and Melinda Doolittle. Doolittle was the third place finalist on Season 6 of American Idol, and before that sang backup for the likes of Aaron Neville and Carman. The song here, reminds us not to be passive in our spiritual lives: “Workin’ on a chamber/Where principalities will never rule/Workin’ on a mansion/More than forty acres and a mule/Buildin’ on a bedrock/Cause I wanna be wise and not a fool, not a fool…/Workin’ on a building/Where the enemy will never trod/Workin’ on a building/Where I am at home at last with God.”

Clay co-wrote the memorable track ‘When I Lift my Hands’ with Regie Hamm and Chuck Butler. It praises the Lord for who He is and for giving us our daily bread: “You’re the promise and the hope that gets me through each day/And You provide the strength I need to walk within Your way/And I could never fully know the depth of who You are/But I will try to reach You/When I lift my hands.” Next up is a track covered in part in 2006 by Michael W. Smith. ‘The Stand’ was written by Joel Houston just a year before. Many know him from Hillsong United. The chorus paints a beautiful picture of one who is worshipping: “So I’ll stand with arms high and heart abandoned/In awe of the One who gave it all/I’ll stand, my soul Lord to You surrendered/All I am is Yours.”

‘All Because of You’ is a well crafted song. The chorus distinguishes the Christian music star from non-believing performers: “I return the glory to/The One whom it belongs/Every time I lift my voice/Any time I sing these songs/I say it honestly/Anything that’s good in me/And anything that’s true/It’s all because of You.” The album ends with a tender ballad, ‘Good Morning Lord’, that lays out how we should start off each day as Christ followers: “Good morning Lord/Thank You for this day/Help me to walk with You/In this world You made/Good morning Lord/I feel Your mercies new/Take my hand and lead me Lord/I long to follow You.”

Clay Crosse is now worship pastor at Faith Baptist Church in Arlington, TN. He and Renee are also involved in marriage and family ministry via Holy Homes. Of his latest CD, Clay says: “God really blessed me to be able to record this new project and I pray it encourages you.” Instrumentalists used include: Steve Brewster (drums), Mark Hill (bass), Dave Cleveland (guitars), Jason Webb (keyboards), Dave Davidson and Chuck Butler (strings), Mike Haynes (trumpet), and Mark Douthit (sax).

reDedication finds Clay spot on vocally. His voice has a maturity that can’t be imitated. The songs are ones of well thought out and heartfelt ministry. After all these years, Clay is still putting out top quality inspirational music. We are the better for it! Fans of Michael English, Sandi Patty, and Steve Green will like this one. I’m rating reDedication 87%. For more info visit www.claycrosse.com and www.holyhomes.org.