Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Point of Grace released their self-titled debut as a quartet of ladies in 1993.  Ten years later they put out a collection of 24 of their number one hits including: ‘I’ll Be Believing’, ‘The Great Divide’, ‘Circle of Friends’, and ‘Wonder of it All’.  Fast forward to 2010 and the group was now a trio consisting of original members Shelly Breen and Denise Jones, joined by Leigh Cappillino who had been with the group since 2004.  2010’s NO CHANGIN’ US won the group a Dove Award for Country Album of the Year.  Their latest effort is A THOUSAND LITTLE THINGS (2012, Word/Curb).

‘Good Enough’ is one of three songs that Cindy Morgan is a co-writer on.  This upbeat country pop song offers solid advice to those who feel their plate is too full: “Upside down and inside out/I think you know what I’m talking about/Oh, my perfect world’s turned into a mess/It’s like you’ve fallen in the dirt in your Sunday dress.../When everything is too much/That’s when you just gotta trust in the way He loves.”  Mike Payne plays electric guitar on ‘Heaven Knows’.  On this song the ladies admit some things are beyond their understanding: “Heaven knows I wonder/Why bad things happen/To really good people/Like airplanes crashing/It’s hard to imagine/There’s a reason for that/And heaven knows I stumble/It don’t make any sense/Why cancer took my daddy/Even though he never smoked a cigarette/Where’s the justice in that?”

The breezy title track ‘A Thousand Little Things’ has Bryan Sutton playing acoustic guitar and mandolin.  The song finds the ladies grateful for life’s blessings: “My life is overflowing/Every dawn I’m thankful for/A thousand little things (2X)/Moments of Your mercy that every new day brings/Sky goes from black to blue/And I’m silenced by the view/I’m hearing ‘I love you’ in a thousand little things.”  ‘Only Jesus’ is an inspirational ballad written by Christa Wells and Nicole Witt.  I like these down to earth lyrics: “A first love teenage heartbreak/A child that’s never found/A family loses everything when their house burns down/An addict hits rock bottom/A couple calls it quits/A doctor tells his patient he’s only got three months to live/What kind of water can soothe like rain?/What kind of heart can heal this kind of pain?/What kind of love can comfort us?.../Only Jesus.”

The quiet number ‘What I Already Know’ with Michael Boggs on acoustic guitar and Tim Lauer on organ, is up next.  This song reveals a faith that is real and includes struggle: “You said You’d never leave me, You’d walk right by my side/But right now all I feel is alone/Cause I can’t see Your angels, watching over me/Oh, but Jesus loves me, the Bible tells me so/I don’t need some mountain moved for me/Or some miracle to behold/All I really need is just a little more faith/To believe what I already know.”  One of the co-writers of ‘Might Be Today’ is Jill Paquette.  This song has a joyous sound musically and speaks of the value of perseverance when one’s circumstances suck: “Things can change in an instant/Gray clouds run out of rain/It’s just a matter of time till it happens/Hey, might be today (2X)/So just hold onto Him/He’s holding on to you/There’s nothing so wrong He can’t make it right/If life has taught me anything/It takes you up and drives you down/You hold on tight and ride it out.”

Southern Gospel fans will appreciate ‘Wash me Away’ written by Ian Eskelin, Nicole Witt, and Tony Wood.  It is about old fashioned, but much needed repentance: “I’ve grown tired/Tired of the person I’ve become/The choices I’ve made/The selfish things I’ve done/Oh, I’m going down to wade in the water/Far too long been a wayward daughter/Father won’t You change what needs to change/Wash me away/’Til only You remain/Got a little faith.”  ‘You Be the One’ is a pretty ballad with John Catchings on cello, David Davidson and David Angell on violin, and Kristin Wilkinson playing viola.  It talks of the difference Christ can make in our lives if we just let Him: “With a little grace He can heal the broken past/Help you forgive someone who can’t forgive you back/Speak a word of kindness, a little comfort for their soul/Sit awhile and cry with them and help them let it go/Even when it feels like you can’t take one more step/Surrender all to Jesus and let Him do the rest.”

‘I Believe in You (Dedication Song)’ is a standout track that should be sang at many a baby’s special day in churches across North America: “I believe in angels/I believe in love/I believe there’ll come a time you’ll find what you’ve been dreaming of/Draw or win or lose/Whatever road you choose/I believe in you.../I believe in Jesus/I believe in God.../I believe in sunsets/I believe in prayer/I believe there’s hope, cause/There’s Someone out there who cares.”  Craig Nelson plays upright bass on ‘Saving Jesus’.  I imagine a parent speaking these words to an unsaved teenage or adult child: “How long will this keep going on/’Til you break and just can’t take it anymore?/How long do you have to go/Before your knees finally hit the floor?/What do you think  you’re saving Jesus for?”

The three beautiful ladies of Point of Grace dedicate this record to their children: “May the promise of Jeremiah 29:11 always be deeply engrained in your hearts.  God has great plans for you!  We love you.  Are so very proud of who you are becoming.  And don’t ever forget-whatever road you choose, we believe in you.”  Produced by Ian Eskelin, A THOUSAND LITTLE THINGS is a great Christian country album with touches of adult contemporary included.  I recommend it to fans of Faith Hill and Carrie Underwood.  The harmonies are quite good.  I’m rating this highly relevant CD 85%.  For more info visit and