Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Inhabited is a Christian rock band from Texas.  In 2005 as a five member band, they released their major label debut THE REVOLUTION on Fervent Records.  It included the hits ‘One More Night’ and ‘Rescue Me’.  In 2008 they released their follow-up, LOVE (7 Spin Music).  On this album, Inhabited is a trio.  Sara Acker (vocals) and Marcus Acker (guitars) are joined this time by Charlie Harper (drums).  Monroe Jones and Marcus Acker produced the album.

A funky rocker ‘We Will Live’ starts things off by speaking of the value of having an active, alive faith: “We’ve got something no amount of money can buy/We’ve got something more than just a temporary high/We’ve got something more than just a pie in the sky/There’s so much more, so much more to this life/It’s more than just a bunch of tradition/It’s more than emotion/We have a destiny.”  Musically ‘Hush’ sounds like something off of a Gwen Stefani solo record.  It encourages young women to pursue truth¨”Hush goodnight/I’ll kiss you goodbye/To every thought that’s destroying my life/Hush goodbye I’ll walk in the light/Go away, don’t come back/I’m saying goodbye/Where my girls at that are sick and tired/Of buying into all the same old lies?/Cuz sooner or later it will catch up to you.”

‘Love (I need U)’ is a rock ballad of willful surrender to Father God: “Would You fall on me like the pouring rain?/Would You move me now until I’m changed?/I need You, oh how I need You/Now I’m falling down to my knees/And I’m crying out forgive me please/I need You, oh how I need You.../My life is Yours today/There’s nothing left to lose/You keep on calling me/And all I need is all of You.”  ‘I Want to Know’ is a cry for intimacy with the Father: “You’re everywhere I go/You are the fire that burns and takes control/You’re in the words that bring me life/You’re in the starlit sky that sings in the night/But I need You here, I need You here/I want to know, I want to feel/I want to see You move underneath my skin/I want to hear, speak to me/I want to feel You breathe, I want to feel You breathe through me.”

‘A Song to the Fatherless’ is a much needed song of encouragement in today’s society: “God will never walk out on you/He’ll be the Father that you never knew/He loves you, more than words can say/He won’t leave you when you need Him the most/His love is unconditional/And you know you put a smile upon His face.”  ‘Respect’ is a pop/rock track that is countercultural all the way: “Hey girl, better put down that magazine/You know there’s more to life than picture perfect/You know they’d give it up now for the price they had to pay/Oh, can’t you see, they threw it all away.../Come on and give yourself a little respect my friend/You’re beautiful and you can start over again.”

‘I miss You’ is a terrific, vulnerable song about grief: “I feel cold and I feel numb/I still find it hard to face you’re gone/I know that we’ll meet again/One day I’ll kiss your face again/In a place where there’s no suffering or pain/I look up at the stars in the sky/I know where you are/I miss you, I miss you so bad/And it hurts to remember you/I don’t want to forget you/I know now that you’re in a better place/But I miss you/I miss you so bad.”  ‘Are You With Me?’ is a fun, motivational song about anticonformity: “Listen up, listen up, listen up everybody/We’re marching to the beat of a different drum/Watch out, watch out here we come.../If you hear the call, rise up and take a stand/If you want to make a difference that’s where it all begins/We’ve got to get together, there’s a line down in the sand.”

‘One Show’ again shows that this band wants to make a difference: “It’s one show, I’ve got the mic, I’ve got the floor/One time you hope they don’t walk out the door/One show, one time you hope they see it/You never know, you never know.”  ‘Old School’ is reminiscent of Mark Stuart fronted Audio Adrenaline.  It is about having a good time: “We’re gonna rock until everybody’s on their feet/We’re gonna turn up the music/Can you feel the beat?/We’re gonna rock, gonna have us a real good time/I’m making noise until they take us away.” 

All in all, LOVE is a fun record, perfect for cranking up on your stereo in the spring and summer.  It has a positive, affirming message for female youth and young adults.  Fans of Fireflight, Superchick, and Rebecca St. James will like this one.  I’m rating it 87%.  For more info visit: