Friday, October 18, 2013


Tricia Brock fronted the band Superchick.  They released their debut KARAOKE SUPERSTARS in 2001 and will release their swan song RECOLLECTION on October 29th.  Superchick sold over a million albums and had a Grammy nomination, as well as having over 150 film, TV, commercial, and video game placements.  Tricia Brock released her first solo record, a praise and worship project called THE ROAD in 2011.  She grew up in small town Indiana.  She says: “My parents constantly surrounded us with great music, and had us in music and voice lessons, always involved in music at our church.”  Her latest album is RADIATE (2013, Inpop Records).  It was mainly produced by her husband Nick Baumhardt and The Hit Militia.  Nick is also responsible for most of the instrumentation and programming on the album.  He is in the group Stellar Kart.

‘Everything as Loss’ is upbeat pop musically.  Seth Mosley produced and engineered this track and plays acoustic guitars on it.  This first song speaks of the shortcomings of materialism: “What I want, what I need, has got me/Running after the temporary/Like the stuff that I get will make me complete/And it’s a carousel/One I know too well/Cause I keep going round in circles/Round and round and round/Whoa, oh, I’m letting go/Silver and gold/Is not enough, not enough.”  ‘Mirror Mirror’ is a dance track that fights back against what magazines say make a person beautiful: “We’ve got the power to eliminate illusion/Pull the curtain back exposing the delusion/Spread the word and exterminate confusion/Sing it, sing it loud/And say it.../Baby, you’re original/You’re an individual/You’re a heart with a soul/You’re a gift from above/You’re a product of love.”

‘Enough’ written by Jeff Pardo and Tony Wood is the lead single.  It unreservedly places total faith in God: “It’s enough that You know what I’m needin’/It’s enough just to go where You’re leadin’/Keep my feet on the path and my empty hands always reachin’ up/It’s enough just to breathe in the moment/And wherever I am I can know this/If I have nothing else I will always have Your love, Your love/And that’s enough.”  The title track ‘Radiate’ was penned by Nick Baumhardt and Jonathan Lee.  It is a fast-paced, highly optimistic song: “Let me make it obvious/Even if I’m still a mess/I’ll still be standing with a smile on my face/Waiting on a rainbow, waiting while the wind blows/With my polka dot umbrella ella.../We can radiate.”

The next song ‘Good to Be a Girl’ is a fun pop/rock song in the vein of Superchick.  It is a song about girl power: “It’s good to be a girl (2X)/I can be a wonder woman one day/A damsel in distress/Fighting off the bad guys in heels and a dress/There’s more to me than what it seems/I am complex/It’s good to be a girl/So put on your makeup/Cause we’re gonna change it up/Impossible is not a dream/Cause we can do anything.”  ‘Daughter of the King’ draws from Psalm 139:13-14 and reminds girls and ladies where their true value and self-worth should come from:  “A dress won’t make a princess/And jewels won’t make a queen/Cause you were made for more than this/You’re worth more than what you see/You are fearfully and wonderfully a daughter of the King/You are perfect in the Maker’s eyes even when you don’t believe/His love poured out for who you are/Not who you want to be/You are fearfully and wonderfully made/A daughter of the King.”

‘Love will not let Go’ is a ballad of encouragement: “Daughter, don’t be afraid now/To lift up your face, let compassion dry every tear/Oh son, drop your defenses/And reach for the hands that will lift you out of your fear/His arms are nearer than your own heart beating.../Don’t let troubles weigh your mind/Don’t let sorrow steal your soul/God is holding your heart/And He won’t let go.”  Adam Barrie Smith plays piano, while Chris Carmichael is responsible for string arrangement and performance.  ‘Different’ penned by Nick, and Curt Anderson, is a hip sounding song musically.  It reminds us that we all have something unique to bring to the table and to the world: “We’re not invincible/But we’re unstoppable/We are original/Cause you can’t make a difference without being different/Not invincible/But we’re unshakeable/We’re individual/Cause you can’t make a difference without being different, you know.”

‘Adding up to a Miracle’ is a groovy pop song written by Nick, Tricia, and Sarah Hart.  These lyrics remind us that we should make a positive impact on the lives of others: “Every day’s another chance to be somebody’s hero/A chance to be the one to save ‘em from a zero/Find it in your heart to find what makes them beautiful/In their eyes/You are a miracle.”  ‘Pity Party’ is a very strong track about someone who is spoiled: “She cries over spilled milk/While daddy pays the bills/The more she gets the less happy she seems/Cause there’s something missing/Not enough clothes/Not a big enough car/Is it too much to ask to date a rock star?/Why does this always happen to her?”

’Without You’ was penned by Nick, Tricia, and Phillip LaRue.   LaRue plays guitar on the track.  The song contains these words of testimony: “You’re my anchor Lord in troubled waters/I’m held by grace/I’m held by grace/You hold my days and my tomorrows/I will praise/I will praise.”  The last song is the mellow ‘What I Know’.  Justin Saunders plays cello on it.  These words show great spiritual resolve: “I could throw my fist in the air demanding answers/But in spite of all the questions/I’m still giving You my life/And if it doesn’t turn out like I think it should/It doesn’t change the fact You’re always good/Your ways are higher than mine/And the truth remains the same even when I don’t know what to pray.”

Tricia says: “I am convinced I would be a complete mess if I did not have faith in the unchanging, unwavering God I know and His love for me.  I hope that people are inspired and encouraged by this album.  I hope that they enjoy the happy songs, and that the slower songs are healing.  RADIATE should appeal to fans of Pink and Gwen Stefani with its contemporary musical stylings.  Tricia shares a positive, faith-filled message much needed in today’s society.  The photos of Tricia in the CD booklet are stylish and pretty cutting edge for the Christian market.  She is made up beautifully.   I’m rating RADIATE 86%.  For more info visit: and