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Brittany Nicole Waddell, better known as Britt Nicole, was born on August 2, 1984.  She began singing at age three in her home church, Truth Temple, in North Carolina.  She put out her debut album SAY IT in 2007.  Her debut single ‘You’ was the twelfth most played song on Christian Hit Radio in 2007.  Her second album THE LOST GET FOUND (Sparrow Records) came out on August 11, 2009.  It hit the top spot on Billboard’s Christian Albums Chart and Number 62 on the Billboard 200.  The album features four producers including Robert Marvin and Dan Muckala.

The title track penned by Britt and Ben Glover is an easy on the ears pop song.  It calls Christians to share the hope they have in Christ: “There’s a really big world at your fingertips/And you know you have the chance to change it/There’s a girl on the street, she’s crying/There’s a man whose faith is dying/Love is calling you.../Somewhere somebody needs a reason to believe/Why don’t you rise up now?/Don’t be afraid to stand out/That’s how the lost get found”.  ‘How We Roll’ is a youthful sounding pop song that urges us to take time to smell the roses in life: “Why don’t you come on and join us?/Take your nose off the grindstone/Take, take your hands off the keyboard/And put down the iPhone/And let me hear you say/Hey, hey, oh, oh/We ain’t getting caught in the undertow/We’ll keep taking it easy and taking it slow/We’re never gonna follow, no``.

‘Safe’ was penned by Britt, Jason Ingram, and Joy Williams.  It talks of making oneself vulnerable: “I’m strong enough/I’ve always told myself/I never wanna need somebody else/But I’ve already fallen from that hill/So I’m dropping my guard/Here’s your chance at my heart”.  ‘Hanging On’ has a slow R&B feel to it.  It finds Britt intimately conversing with God: “You see my anxious heart/You see what I am feeling/And when I fall apart/You are there to hold me/Ow How great Your love for me/Now I see what You’re thinking/You say I’m beautiful/Your voice is my healing/Without You I just can’t get by/So I’m hanging on to every word You speak/Cause that’s all that I need”. 

‘Headphones’ was written by Britt and her future husband Joshua Crosby.  (They now have one daughter).  This is a peppy song of encouragement: “She gave it her best/She tried to fit in/She tried to be cool/But she never could win/Her mom says she’s great/The kids think she’s weird/Honestly she wish she could just disappear/Why you try, try to be like the rest of them/When you know there’s so much more within?/There’s only one you/Here’s what you gotta do/Whoa, Whoa.../Anytime you feel alone, put on your headphones/Love, love’s coming through your headphones”.  ‘Welcome to the Show’ confirms that Britt wants to make a difference in her generation: “Oh, oh, we’re on a mission, nothing, nothing can stand in our way/Oh, oh, we don’t need permission/We’re gonna rise up and we’ll be the change/Oh, oh, hear us on your stereo/Oh, oh, we’re about to lose control/Oh, oh, everybody knows/Oh, oh, this is where you let go”.  ‘Walk on the Water’ was featured on NBC’s ‘The Biggest Loser’.  It is an inspiring ballad that calls us to step out of our comfort zones as believers: “So get out and let your fear fall to the ground/No time to waste, don’t wait/And don’t you turn around and miss out on/Everything you were made for/Gotta be, I know y ou’re not sure, more/So you play it safe, you try to run away/If you take that first step/Into the unknown/He won’t let you go”.

‘Glow’ was composed by Britt, Joshua Crosby, and Nick Baumhardt.  The latter is from the band Stellar Kart and is married to Tricia Brock.  This song has a similar message as ‘This Little Light of Mine’ and has a dance club feel musically: “Oh, oh/Turn the lights down so we can/Glow, glow/Watch us come alive/We’re gonna/Show you something real/Like a city on a hill/Oh, oh/We’re gonna glow/They see us coming from miles away/There’s no hiding, no denying/Cause we’re not ashamed”.  ‘Like a Star’ is a love song: “You got me falling for ya/And I won’t stop ‘til I hit the clouds/See I don’t wanna hide these feelings/Or even try to figure them out/Sparks flyin’ all around/Electricity/Dance with me (3X)/Ten feet off the ground/No gravity/Fly with me (2X)”.

‘Feel the Light’ encourages a person trapped inside himself or herself to break free: “How did you get here?/You’re locked inside of all this fear/Inside you’re crying out/Your mind’s at war/Get out, get out and live for more/There’s so much more/Live for more”.  The last song ‘Have Your Way’ was partially written by Josiah Bell.  It is a quiet song of deep spiritual maturity with Britt on piano.  Here are some of the words: “So I’ll stop searching for the answers/I’ll stop praying for an escape/And I’ll trust You God with where I am/And believe that You will have Your way/Just have Your way (2X)/.../Even if my dreams have died/And even if I don’t survive/I’ll still worship You with all my life/My life, yeah”.

In the cd booklet Britt writes: “Jesus I love You!  Thank You for loving me and letting me share Your message with the world!  Let those who need to hear this, really hear it, and let them experience Your love, a love that can change their life forever”.  Britt offers hope, joy, and peace, to young people on this her second release and she points to God as the Source of all three.  Musically her style can be compared to that of Miley Cyrus and Gwen Stefani.  I’m rating this one 87%.  For more info visit: and