Tuesday, February 25, 2014


LITTLE BLACK SHEEP is the memoir of Ashley Cleveland and was published in 2013 by David C Cook.  Ashley is a singer-songwriter and author who has won three Grammys and two Dove Awards.

This is a great read!  It details how she grew up in a broken family with a homosexual father and how that impacted her.  Anyone who has experienced bouncing around from one parent to the other in different cities, provinces, or states, will find this part of her story interesting.

The overarching subject of the book is Ashley’s deep struggle with alcohol and drugs.  Anyone who has been, or is, addicted to anything in their lives should give this book a read.  Ashley’s story is not one where she was delivered instantaneously.  She did not quit cold turkey once and for all. 

Ashley speaks openly about her feelings of insecurity and not belonging with people and her promiscuity.  She deeply desired a meaningful relationship with a man, but it was a long road for her to see that come to pass.

Anyone who is a fan of music should open up this book. Ashley chronicles her long path to becoming an established solo artist.  Along the way she became friends with Pam Tillis, daughter of Mel, and eventually signed to Atlantic Records for her debut album in the early 1990s.  Ashley talks about her relationship with the Christian music industry and her fans here as well.

Mothers will particularly enjoy her musings about her three children, Rebecca, Henry, and Lily. 

She talks about her relationship with churches over the years.  More importantly she talks about her relationship with God before, during, and after her sobriety.  She always expected God was just waiting upstairs to punish her, but what she eventually came to find was a tender, loving God who had a plan for her life.  Praise God for His redeeming love!

Ashley’s faith journey has not been picture perfect and still is not.  She admits she finds it hard to surrender ALL to God.  Who of us doesn’t?  Surrender is a daily struggle for sure!

I value Ashley’s honesty throughout this book. There are a lot of lessons we can learn from her journey and we are the better for her sharing it with us. For more info visit: www.ashleycleveland.com.