Friday, June 20, 2014


Eymard is Rick McDonough. He wrote and performed all the music on 2011’s AMBIENT TRACKS FOR FILM: ONE (Hill deg Maria Records).  Ambient is defined by one online reference source as “pertaining to or noting sounds that create a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere”.  This totally instrumental record clocks in at 77:32.  The Cd insert includes this simple statement: “She reinforces hope, reminding me to dream”. 

The album opener ‘Dismay’ has a sci-fi feel to it. It will make you think you are traveling through outer space.  ‘Parkway Rearview Mirror Remainder’ sounds like it could be used in a mystery or suspense movie.  ‘HEmispharion’ makes me think of a gal skinny dipping in a lake just before she is attacked, in a movie of course.  One could envision a royal castle made out of glistening crystals while listening to the next song ‘Frozen Snowflake Perspective’.    The album’s shortest track ‘Between Equinox and Anticipation’ (3:57) is also one of my least favourite.  ‘Two Thirty Nine’ makes me think of someone departing this earth for his/her eternal home in heaven.

‘And I’m Now the Let Down’ is an inquisitive track, while ‘Numb Instead’ is a tranquil one.  ‘The Recognition and the Recovery’ puts me in mind of a night time stroll on the beach.  ‘Syntax to Synapse’ is the album’s longest track at 7:46.  ‘Pearl’ makes me think of a diver underwater searching for treasures and artifacts in the ocean.  Meanwhile, I can picture a parent lovingly putting their kids to bed after a long day, when I listen to ‘Reminding My Dreams’.

AMBIENT TRACKS FOR FILM: ONE is mostly dark, moody, brooding, melancholy, instrumental music with a few exceptions of cheerfulness.  It is both thoughtful and thought-provoking.  Rick has done a great job here! I’m rating it 83%.  For more info visit and  Eymard’s latest project is entitled LIGHT (2014).