Sunday, January 25, 2015


Let me start off by saying that there do exist some fine faith-based movies these days. As a prime example, I would point to the Love Comes Softly Series. They emphasize God's love and faithfulness to us, and gently teach us to treat others how we would like to be treated. I applaud these movies.

That being said, there are a lot of stinkers when it comes to Christian movies. A prime example is 2014's REDEEMED-GRACE ABOUNDS.  As my son Joshua would say "It sucks".  Firstly, the acting is awful, and I mean awful. My wife agrees with me on this point.  The worst acting of all is by Teri Copley who plays Beth. You may have seen her on 'The Love Boat' or in the movie 'Transylvania Twist', or maybe not!  Her acting is over the top, exaggerated, and sugary sweet.  Watching this is like watching a City Baby Blue movie without the climax! LOL! The main actor is Ted McGinley who was great in the tv comedy Hope and Faith as the husband of Faith Ford. In this movie he just appears dumb, but in his defense that is what the awful script calls for.  Here he plays Paul, husband to Beth.

As with various Christian movies, this one obsesses over the words of Jesus in Matthew 5:27 and 28.  I am not sure why modern day Christianity is so obsessed with sexuality. If you doubt me on this supposition, tell me how many gays and lesbians are in our evangelical congregations.  The subtitle of this movie is GRACE ABOUNDS.  Well, according to this movie grace abounds mainly if you come to church as you are and change your ways.  That is not the God I serve.  My God not only tolerates our sins and mistakes, but loves us completely whether we change our ways or not. 

Of course, I agree with the the premise of the movie that having an affair is wrong.  It is not healthy. But men, whether Christian or not, do not need to be made to feel less than a man, guilty, infantile, or stupid if they never reach sexual wholeness in their thought life. Let me expand that-no living being, male or female, needs to be made to feel that way by the church or by Christian entertainment. In the end Christianity is not about what we do or do not do. And that is frustrating to many evangelicals. We like to think that if we reach a certain standard then God is more pleased with us. In my opinion it just does not ring true.

Friends, and anyone reading this blog, you do not have to be perfect or have victory in Jesus to associate with me, or be called my brother or sister.  That being said, I do not encourage rebellion for the sake of rebellion either.

I am rating REDEEMED 1.5 out of 5 stars.  If you and your friends want a good laugh at a groaner of a movie I suggest this one. Otherwise avoid it.