Thursday, April 30, 2015


Audio Adrenaline has 2 Grammy’s and 5 Dove Awards to their credit.  They became popular for such songs as ‘Big House’, ‘Hands and Feet’, and ‘Ocean Floor’.  In 2013 they released KINGS & QUEENS with former DC TALK vocalist Kevin Max at the helm.  Fast forward to 2015 and the band is back with a new album, SOUND OF THE SAINTS (Fair Trade Services), and a completely new cast of characters.  The new line-up is: Adam Agee (former Stellar Kart vocalist), Dave Stovall on bass (formerly of Wavorly), Brandon Bagby on guitar (was part of Know Hope Collective), and Jack Campbell on drums (an Australian).  Agee says:  “We are excited to inspire a new generation of fans the way Audio A inspired us...These new songs carry on the message of Audio A-positive, encouraging and challenging.  God can use all of us, even the underdogs”.  The producers used on the album are: Seth Mosley, Joshua Silverberg, and Nick Baumhardt.

‘Move’ is the band’s favorite new song to play live.  Major League Baseball and WWE are both using it.  It is a catchy pop/rock song of encouragement: “Before the battle had begun/We had the victory/So don’t be shaken/By the voices of the enemy/Hey/Take your shot/The world is watching/Don’t be afraid/It’s not too late/You’re not alone/Got what it takes/Hey/God says go, there is no stopping/You got to move”.  ‘Love Was Stronger’ has a modern praise and worship feel to it and begins with these words of testimony: “I was a child of wrath/An enemy of the King of peace/But love was stronger/Love was stronger/I tried resisting grace/The Son of God still took my place/Cause love was stronger/Love was stronger/You are stronger than my sins/You carried to the cross/With resurrecting love”.

The title track was penned by Mark Stuart, Adam Agee, Seth Mosley, and Jared Anderson.  It has a cool Americana influence and includes these poetic words: “I’ve been washed in the roar of the ocean/Found peace in the echoes of a cave/And the trees of the field/They clap their hands/But there’s something in the sound of the saints/From the lips of those You’ve saved/A redemption song will rise/With a sound so full/It cracks the sky”.  ‘Out of the Fire’ is a good rock song that asks God for help: “I hear the lies of the enemy/Draw me into captivity/I know this is not how it’s meant to be/I gotta break free (2X)/I want the world to know/There is an anecdote/A cure for this disease/You are the remedy (2X)/Out of the fire, pull me into the river/Out of the fire/Only You can deliver me from myself”.

‘Miracles’ is a ballad that finds the band conversing with God: “It doesn’t matter what the world says/I’ve seen what You can do/I know it’s more than just coincidence/It’s amazing how You move/It’s not always parting oceans/Sometimes it’s the little moments/When You show how close You are/Some would say it’s only chance/I’m not gonna second guess/I’ve seen the hand of God/Cause I believe in miracles/You can do the impossible”.  ‘Rejoice’ places full confidence in God: “I will not fear cause I believe You are here/Your Spirit’s with me/Even when I’m lost at sea/In the darkest deep/I will rejoice/Cause Your light leads me home”.

‘Spirit Burn’ actually has a bit of a country music influence early on.  The song is a call for spiritual renewal and revival: “Bless Your church with tongues of fire/Holy Spirit move/Leave no trace of man’s desire/Spirit burn right through/Spirit burn, Spirit burn.../Mark Your church to bear Your Name/Come in power/Come and reign/Sanctify and stir Your saints”.  ‘Saved my Soul’ is a pop/dance track that includes these words of thanks to God: “You found me in a desert place/And I felt Your love like a pouring rain/And You saved my soul/Yeah, You saved my soul/You lift me out of the sinking sand/And You hold me up/In Your nail-scarred hands/And You won’t let go/No, You won’t let go/In my weakness You are strong/I’m not too lost or too far gone/Hope is here, hope is here”.

‘So Can I’ extols Christ: “Son of God, one and only/You left heaven’s glory/To be abandoned by Your friends/In the hour You needed them/They watched while You were hurting/On a cross so undeserving/Oh, You sacrificed it all/For the world You took the fall/Oh, they said that You had died/But look at You, You’re so alive!”  ‘World Changers’ is a nice anthem about fulfilling the Great Commission: “How could we be silent/When we know the One who saves?/We won’t keep it quiet/Cause Your Spirit makes us brave/We are a generation/To rise up and make You known/To every tribe/Every tongue, every nation/We will go”.

SOUND OF THE SAINTS is quite a strong debut album from this all new incarnation of Audio Adrenaline.  It blends modern pop/rock sounds with modern worship.  The lyrics point listeners straight to God and Adam Agee’s voice nicely suits this fun to listen to album.  Be forewarned-this is not your father or mother’s Audio Adrenaline sound-wise, but it is terrific in its own right.  One almost should view bands like Audio A, Newsboys, and Petra as ministries whose members may change, but the message remains the same.  I’m recommending SOUND OF THE SAINTS to fans of Newsboys and Hawk Nelson and rating it 90%.  For more info visit: and