Tuesday, September 08, 2015


Audio Adrenaline was originally known as A-180 and traces their origins to Kentucky Christian University.  Their self-titled major label debut came out in 1992.  Their next album DON’T CENSOR ME (1993) contained the song ‘Big House’ which would become the most loved song of their career.  LIFT is the band’s sixth studio album.  It came out on ForeFront Records in 2001.  The group’s roster on LIFT is: Mark Stuart, Will McGinniss, Ben Cissel, and Tyler Burkum.  Bob Herdman, no longer touring with the group, assisted with the songwriting.  LIFT is the first album where Tyler Burkum contributes significantly to the lead vocals, assisting Mark Stuart.

‘You Still Amaze Me’ is a Christian rock song of wonder: “Once I was excited for the things the world could give/But no more/I’m only thrilled by You, and You/You, You, You still amaze me/You, You still amaze me/Bigger than the sky/Brighter than the sun/You’re the One.../You’re the reason for the stars that decorate my night/So I sing, yeah I sing/You’re the Maker”.  ‘I’m Alive’ conveys enthusiasm to the band’s audience: “The sun is always bright and the skies are always so blue/There must be something bigger that makes me feel like I do/So if you come to the show, then I want you to know/I’m alive/The moment I let go brought passion to my soul/I’m alive/My heart’s been re-arranged and never be the same/I’m alive (2X)”.

‘Beautiful’ is a lovely pop song of praise: “When I lift You up they come running/When I sing Your song the world’s turning to You/Just the sound of Your Name is a beautiful thing/And I love You, I love You, I love You/Your Name is beautiful/It drips off of my lips like drops of gold/It makes me wanna dance/You’re my treasure/My deliverance”.  ‘Ocean Floor’ is one of the best CCM songs of this millennium!  It deals with regret and redemption: “The mistakes I’ve made that caused pain/I could have done without/All my selfish thoughts, all my pride/The things I hide/You have forgot about/They’re all behind you, they’ll never find you/They’re on the ocean floor/Your sins are forgotten/They’re on the bottom of the ocean floor”.

‘Rejoice’ is a celebratory rock and roll tune: “You’ve got to tell everyone in the land/Come on, come on/Tell every girl, boy, woman, and man/Rejoice, rejoice/That God’s been good, yeah, good to me/Come on, come on/I’ve been forgiven and it feels so free/It’s a beautiful thing when I sing to You Jesus/The days are a joy/The nights are all bright”.  ‘Speak to Me’ is a quieter song that finds the band conversing openly with God: “Speak to me/Tell me all the things I need to know/I want to hear You now/Can You speak to me?/I’ve opened up Your Word to free me/I want to hear You now/It’s amazing/How I forget/Can’t live my life for lack of it/But the light of day I’ve always known/It’s in my heart, I’m not alone”.

‘Glory’ is a modern and pretty love song to God: “I long to walk hand in hand down a golden road with Father/Where choirs of angels praise His Name and I want to learn/To sing ‘Glory!’/To sing ‘Glory!’/And I can’t find the words to say/Life gets in the way/Lord, You know my heart’s desire/When it all comes down/To who You are/Words cannot convey/When it all comes down/To who You are/Words get in the way”.  ‘Summertime’ is a fun, carefree rock song that looks ahead to Heaven: “I know You’ve got a place/Designed for me someday/I’ve got a mansion there/A royal getaway/And when my work is done/You’ll fly me there at last/A place that doesn’t take credit cards/Or lots and lots of cash”.

‘This is Everything’ is a  song of total surrender to God: “With ambitions put aside/I crawl in Your arms to hide/I have given everything up to You/This is all, this is everything (2X)/Everything I’ve got/The good things and the bad things are in Your hands”.  The title track ‘Lift’ is a terrific, original worship song: “Lord, I love You/You’re a Father’s hand at night/You’re the sunshine in the day/And I long to be with You/All my days/In old age if I’m still hanging ‘round/I’ll be found around with You.../I love to lift You up”.

‘Tremble’ is a quiet worship song that runs over seven minutes long: “Shaking like a leaf/Afraid to lift my eyes/Afraid of all Your glory/Ashamed of all my pride/Then You call me in to Your holy place/I fall down/Down on my face/And I beckon You for mercy/And I beckon You to forget everything that I’ve ever done/And I, I, I tremble (2X)”.  Two bonus tracks complete the album.  A radio remix of ‘Beautiful’ is first up.  Second is ‘Lonely Man’ from the demo sessions.  It is a meaty rock number that includes the rap stylings of T-Bone.  It is sung from the viewpoint of one who is hurting and searching for purpose.

LIFT is a great Christian rock record that includes themes of worship and great joy.  Many of the songs are infectious and will soon have you singing along.  This is one of my favourite Audio A albums!  It clearly points out that God is alive and well and wants to be involved on a daily basis in our individual lives.  God is not some far off, aloof force.  The photos of the group included in the CD booklet are cool.  I’m recommending LIFT to fans of Aerosmith and Newsboys and rating it 96%.  For more info visit: www.audioa.com.