Saturday, June 11, 2016


In 2000 Sparrow Records released TAKE US TO THE RIVER-ACOUSTIC WORSHIP 1.  At the time of its release it was said to feature “the best new and rising songs from the United Kingdom and United States” and that it could “be used as a soundtrack for personal worship or as a source of new songs for your worship teams or small group gatherings”.  The album was produced by John Hartley and Derald Daughtery.  Derri serves as lead vocalist on this project.  He was born on October 13, 1958.  He is lead singer for The Choir, a Christian alternative rock band who were originally known as Youth Choir.  They put out their debut album VOICES IN SHADOWS in 1985.  In 2000 The Choir released their tenth studio album, FLAP YOUR WINGS.  Derri Daugherty is also a member of the supergroup The Lost Dogs. 

TAKE US TO THE RIVER begins with ‘Jesus, We Celebrate Your Victory’, a light pop song of Christian testimony: “His Spirit in us releases us from fear/The way to Him is open/With boldness we draw near/And in His presence our problems disappear/Our hearts responding to His love/Jesus, we celebrate Your victory/Jesus, we revel in Your love/Jesus, we rejoice You set us free/Jesus, Your death has brought us life”.  Matt and Beth Redman wrote ‘For the Cross’.  It is a song of deep gratitude to Jesus Christ: “I will love You for the cross/And I will love You for the cost/Man of sufferings, Bringer of my peace/You came into a world of shame/And paid the price we could not pay/Death that brought me life, blood that brought me home (2X)”.

Sarah Sadler sings lead vocals on ‘How Deep the Father’s Love for Us’.  It is a beautiful ballad about Calvary: “Behold the man upon a cross/My sin upon His shoulders/Ashamed, I hear my mocking voice/Call out among the scoffers/It was my sin that held Him there/Until it was accomplished/His dying breath has brought me life/I know that it is finished”.  Noel Richards wrote ‘You Laid Aside Your Majesty’.  It testifies how great and how good Christ is: “You laid aside Your majesty/Gave up everything for me/Suffered at the hands of those You had created/You took all my guilt and shame/When You died and rose again/Now today You reign/In heaven and earth exalted”.

‘All Hail The Lamb’ is a short, heartfelt worship chorus: “All hail the Lamb, enthroned on high/His praise shall be our battle cry/He reigns victorious, forever glorious/His name is Jesus/He is the Lord”. ‘Take us to the River’, penned by Robin Mark, is the easy listening title track with a message of peace: “Take us to the river/Take us there in unity to sing/A song of Your salvation/To win this generation for our King/A song of Your forgiveness/For it is with grace that river flows/Take us to the river in the city of our God.../For the Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is upon us/This is the year of the Lord”.

The next two songs were covered by Christian rock group Petra on their 2001 Inpop Records release REVIVAL.  Matt Redman wrote ‘Send Revival, Start With Me’.  It serve as a sincere prayer: “We’re looking to Your promise of old/That if we pray and humble ourselves/You will come and heal our land/You will come, You will come.../Lord, send revival/Start with me/For I am one of unclean lips/And my eyes have seen the King/Your glory I have glimpsed/Send revival/Start with me”.  Stuart Townend wrote ‘How Long?’  It boldly petitions God: “Now we’re standing in Your presence/More hungry than before/Now we’re on Your steps of mercy/And we’re knocking at Your door/How long before You drench the barren land?/How long before we see Your righteous hand?/How long before Your Name is lifted high?/How long before the weeping turns to songs of joy?”

‘Holy River’ is a happy song of complete spiritual surrender: “And I will jump into the holy river/I will lose myself to my Deliverer/I will jump into the holy river/I will lose myself to my Deliverer/In this holy place/I can see Your face/Messiah/Jesus, Your passion is filling this temple/Jesus, Your mercy is drawing me closer”.  The album comes to a conclusion with ‘Heal Our Nation’.  This pretty ballad cries out to Father God: “Lord, we long for You to move in power/There’s a hunger deep within our hearts/To see healing in our nation/Send Your Spirit to revive us/Heal our nation (3X)/Pour out Your Spirit on this land”.

TAKE US TO THE RIVER-ACOUSTIC WORSHIP 1 is a soft, gentle, tranquil, intimate, lullaby-like album that will help you both adore and make requests of your Maker.  Derri Daugherty’s vocals are warm, smooth, and personable.  Background vocalists nicely used are: Felicia Sorenson, Derald Daugherty, Christine Bird, John Hartley, and Sarah Sadler.  Instrumentalists used to good effect are: Ken Lewis (percussion), Chris Donohue (bass), Derri (guitars), and Phil Madeira and Jamie Kenney on keyboards.  If you are looking to deepen your relationship with God, this album could be a very helpful aid.  I’m rating it 95%.  For more info visit: