Monday, August 22, 2016


Vienna Rose Dare was born on January 9, 1989 in Sacramento, California.  She released her self-titled debut V. ROSE via Clear Sight in 2011.  It included songs such as ‘Not So Average’, ‘Battery’, and ‘Cry Holy’.  In 2013 an Electro-Pop Deluxe version of the album followed.  2014 brought us FOREVER AFTER (Clear Sight) which contains such songs as ‘No Better U’, ‘Am I Trending?’, and ‘King Kong Skyline’.  In October of 2015 she put out the HEARTS UP EP on Inpop Records.  Her latest studio project is YOUNG DANGEROUS HEART (2016, Inpop).  V’s bio says she is “a spiritually grounded millennial whose musical roots run eclectic, honest, and deep...”  Hers is a gospel not just for church girls, but for young women and men within and outside church walls.  The message is simple: to find the joy of knowing who you really are, get to know who God says you are”.  V. led her brother in prison serving ten years, to Christ.  Her latest album features the production talents of Spec, Adam Watts, and Jordan Sapp.

Track One is ‘Take a Broken Heart’ which is one of eight songs here co-written by V. Rose and Spec.  It includes a rap break by Derek Minor.  This techno-pop song serves as a testimony: “Tears used to run down my face/Why I let my heart into this race/My emotions moving fast/A hundred miles about to crash/I was broken glass/Alone in my room on the ground/With so many tears I could drown/I knew I needed to get out/Then I remembered what I hear before/I’m casting all my cares upon the Lord/Hands up, I don’t want it (2X).../He can take a broken heart away (4X)”.  ‘If I Don’t Have Love’ is a well crafted pop/hip-hop number that shows V. has her head on straight: “They don’t need to know my name/That’s not why I make music/Got everything ‘cause I got love.../I could get a mansion on top of the world/And I could have it all, yeah/Diamonds and pearls/Be so rich and famous/You think that’d be enough/But none of that matters/If I don’t have love/Love, love, love (3X)”.  On ‘Money$ on You’ Flame raps about God`s faithfulness and a proper response to it: ``He`ll never break a promise, man/I promise He won’t change/’Cause He proved that on the cross/Proved that when He died/Proved that when He rose/Prove that with our lives/More than money You can have my life/More than money You can have my all/Ain’t no risk when we trust in Him”.

‘I Love You So Much (ILYSM)’ features Trip Lee and is a R&B song of praise: “I just love You so much/I love You so much (2X)/You’re the only One that I trust, yeah/And Your Name is high places/Greater than the ones they be putting on/And my praise is skyscrapers/Hallelujah to the throne all night long/Cause Your grace is so amazing/Don’t deserve it, but You give it, You keep giving on/Like oh my Jesus/Ain’t no other gods up in this song/I love You so much (2X)”.  ‘Fairy Tale Ending’ is a pop/dance song of devotion: “Where You go I will follow/Your love is all I need/They think they know what’s best but/You’re the only One who knows what’s best for me so/Right here with You is where I’m gonna stay/They can try to, but can’t take You away/Cross my heart and hope to live/With You forever, You forever/I was lost in the beginning/Now You found me/It’s a fairy tale ending”.

‘We’re Girls’ features Angie Rose and is a real self-esteem booster for young ladies: “We’re girls, we’re girls/And no matter what/We know we can trust that God made us, us/So we gotta love us/We’re girls, we’re girls.../God made us just the way we are/We shine bright, yeah/We’re superstars/Full of love/Every single girl/So let’s show the world”.  V., Adam Watts, and Gannin Arnold wrote ‘Love Shaped Heart’.  It is a great adult contemporary song of encouragement: “You’re worth more than you know-oh/Let the world see who you are/Cause I can tell you have a love shaped heart/So let it flow-oh/You’re beautiful, so let it show-oh/Build a fire from your spark/Cause I can tell you have a love shaped heart”.

‘Sinking Deep’ was introduced by Hillsong Young & Free.  It is a straight up beautiful worship song: “Your love so deep is washing over me/Your face is all I seek/You are my everything/Jesus Christ/You are my one desire/Lord, hear my only cry/To know You all my life”.  Mia Fieldes, Jordan Sapp, and David Wyatt wrote ‘Storms’.  It is a strong adult contemporary testimonial: “I have only ever known You/To be One who does what You say You’ll do/I have only ever found You faithful/Every shadow, every sorrow/You have met my heart with open hands/My tomorrow, Love’s already planned/For every valley walked before/You’ll hold me for a thousand more/Through every fire, every war/When thunder rolls I’m sure/You’ll still the storms (4X)”.

‘Not Afraid of the Midnight’ reminds us we can’t earn God’s love: “Please let me never forget/There’s no shoe that I can fit/To gain Your love/Because You gave Your love/So as the story goes/I might look fit for the ball/But I’m not perfect at all/Not afraid of the midnight/You love me although/This dress ain’t even mine/Who cares if I’m out of time/Not afraid of the midnight”.  ‘Emotionful’ is a slow R&B tune that offers good advice when it comes to addressing one’s haters and critics: “Careful with the words that you say/Cause they cut deeper than anything/Take some time before you react/Cause what you say, you can’t get it back”.

‘Bottom to the Top’ is autobiographical: “Six years old in the first grade/Saw myself on the big stage/Staring out the window, looking up at the stars/Promising to myself that I would go that far/Didn’t know how to get there/Told me no, but I didn’t care/And I know that it wouldn’t be easy/But even if nobody believed me/Oh, I’ll never forget that girl/Who always knew that she could conquer the world/I’ll never stop believing/As long as I can see it/I will never change/As I go from the bottom to the top”.  Last up is the title track, ‘Young Dangerous Heart’.  It is inspirational in nature: “I don’t ever wanna get it twisted or let it go to my head/Cause everything I do, I do it for You/Ohhh, even when I’m taking a selfie, I give You the glory/You made me and I hide Your Word in my heart every day/And hold on to the promise You made/I got a young dangerous/Young dangerous, young dangerous heart”.

YOUNG DANGEROUS HEART offers up a mix of a variety of musical styles, ranging from pop, dance, R&B, and hip-hop to adult contemporary and worship.  Its most likely audience will be teens and young adults.  V. clearly states that her faith is in God and that her life is in His able hands.  Her hope, no doubt, is that others will submit their lives to Him as well, upon hearing these songs.  V. also delivers a message of self-worth to girls.  Their value comes from being created perfectly by God.  I’m rating YOUNG DANGEROUS HEART 90% and recommending it to fans of 1GN, Rihanna, and Britt Nicole.  For more info visit: and