Friday, September 16, 2016


Brooks & Dunn’s third studio album was WAITIN’ ON SUNDOWN (1994, Arista).  It was produced by Don Cook and Scott Hendricks and peaked at #1 on the U.S. Billboard Top Country Albums chart and at #15 on the U.S. Billboard 200.  The album produced 5 Top Ten songs.  Brooks & Dunn won ‘Top Vocal Duo’ from the Academy of Country Music and ‘Vocal Duo of the Year’ from the Country Music Association the year this album was released.

The first two songs were penned by Ronnie Dunn.  ‘Little Miss Honky Tonk’ is a fun, upbeat country song: “Well, she’s a looker/Heads turn when she comes through the door/A show stopper when she gets to goin’ out on the floor/Oh, we leave all our troubles and cares way behind us/I feel like I’m a king when I’m out with her highness/I’m her big cat daddy, she’s my little Miss Honky Tonk/Oh, oh, I love her so/Stand back, give her room boys and watch her go”.  ‘She’s Not the Cheatin’ Kind’ is one of three #1 singles from the album.  It speaks to the character of a woman and is adult contemporary in nature: “She’s not the cheatin’ kind/She’s been cheated one too many times/Oh, she’s never fooled around/He’s still lyin’, she’s through cryin’/She’s not foolin’ now”.

‘Silver and Gold’ is a sad, all too familiar tale: “She knows what’s been keepin’ him out too late/She never was the kind to sit around and wait/She loosened the locket he gave her/Took off her wedding band/And when he gets home he’ll find/All she’s left behind is silver and gold/Haven’t they lost their shine?/Tonight she let go for the last time/Just silver and gold/Ties that no longer bind her/Now he’s left alone with silver and gold”.  ‘I’ll Never Forgive my Heart’ is a country and western ballad that many men will be able to relate to: “I fell in and I fell hard/Now she’s sayin’ she’s found someone new/How could I have been such a fool/Oh close the door, turn out the lights, draw the curtain/I’ll get over her in time/It’s gonna take some hurtin’”.

‘You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone’ is about the disintegration of a romantic relationship: “There’s not much chance we’re gonna make it/If I’m the only one who’s trying/You know I’m running out of reasons/We’re running out of time/Someday, girl, you’re gonna wake up/And wonder what went wrong/You better kiss me/You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone/You’re good at going through the motions/And all I hear are alibis/Now I get this empty feeling/When I look into your eyes”.  Kix Brooks, Don Cook, and Bill LaBounty wrote ‘My Kind of Crazy’.  It is an adventurous country-pop song: “I saw you at the drive-in dancing on a car/Rocking to the radio underneath the stars/Living every moment like it was your last/Don’t know where you’re going/You’re just going fast/You’re my kind of crazy/Full moon saying you know what I like/How about it baby?/Let’s you and I go out and get crazy tonight”.

‘Whiskey Under the Bridge’ is a cheery country and western song that is good to dance to: “All those nights of drinking/Finally got me thinking/Heartache is just a waste of time/I’ve been burned, I’ve been cheated/But this old heart’s still beating/Ain’t no big deal/It’s just whiskey under the bridge”.  ‘If that’s the Way you Want It’ has an old school country and western feel to it and finds a guy wanting to get closer to a gal: “I’m laid back, easy-going/I’m not the jealous kind/I won’t get in your business/If you won’t mess with mine/Just say the word ‘Forever’/I’ll gladly sing that tune/I’ll lay the world down at your feet and fly you to the moon”.

‘She’s the Kind of Trouble’ is the only song here penned solely by Kix Brooks and it’s a good one!  It’s a happy, harmless country song: “There’s one kind of trouble that I don’t mind/She meets me after work when the sun goes down/She’s the kind of trouble makes the world go ‘round/Total strangers, even my best friends/Bird-dog my baby when she walks in/She’s a little slice of heaven and hell on heels/And never gonna walk the line/Oh, but she’s the kind of trouble that I don’t mind”.  Kix Brooks and Chick Rains wrote the tender closing song, ‘A Few Good Rides Away’, which is about a waitress with big dreams who is in a committed relationship.

WAITIN’ ON SUNDOWN is a splendid third album from Brooks & Dunn.  Kix and Ronnie each sing lead on five tracks.  Six of the songs are slow-paced, while four are fast.  Topic-wise five of the songs are happy ones about love and infatuation, three are about relationships ending, and two directly deal with infidelity.  This country and western album has an overall warm and pleasant tone to it.  You will want to give it more than one listen.  I’m rating WAITIN’ ON SUNDOWN 90%.  For more info visit: