Friday, October 28, 2016


Growing up in Cochrane, Ontario, Faith Grace released her debut faith based album FREE, as a Kitchener, Ontario resident.  That album had genuine artistry written all over it!  Now some three years later, this mother of two is back with her second recording, a mainstream album that was ten months in the making.  THERE GO MY DREAMS (2016) was produced, mixed, and mastered by Brad Dugas.  The players on this album are: Faith Grace (vocals, keys, melodica, accordion, cowbell), Dan Grace (electric guitars, acoustic guitars, mandolin, drums, background vocals), Brad Dugas (acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass), and Trevor Martin (keys).

Starting things off is ‘Lovely’, a bouncy, upbeat love song: “I’ve decided that you are lovely in every single way/And if you would just hold me, I’d feel happy every day/If you ever go away/I just don’t know what I would do/I’d be lost if I lost you/And if you turn and leave this place/Leaving only memories of your face/I’ve decided that you are lovely in every single way”.  ‘Let it Rest’ is an adult contemporary ballad of encouragement: “I’ll walk with you sister, I got you my brother/You’re gonna be okay/But you know what’s in your heart is gonna take some time to make itself right/It’s gonna take some time/It’s gonna take some loving/It’s gonna need some grace/If you just let go, let it go, let it go/If you could just let go, let it go, let it rest”.  ‘Can’t Sleep’ begins with these very relatable lyrics: “Sometimes the troubles of this life get me down, yeah, they can drag me down so low/They can blind my eyes till I can’t see the light that I know wants to light up my soul/And I don’t sleep at night/I don’t sleep so well, sometimes/I lie awake till the daylight breaks”.

This brings us to the title track, ‘There Go My Dreams’, a breezy pop song of loss: “How did that happen?/Thought I paid attention/My life was goin’ on just fine/But you threw me that curveball while I wasn’t watchin’/I’ve never been a good catcher so I lost/And there go my dreams/There goes my future/Everything I loved, back at square one, oh/Well, I just blinked and looked away/I just blinked and they slipped away from me”.  ‘I Come Running’ is a heartfelt song of devotion to one’s partner: “Don’t close the curtain on us/No baby, don’t close the curtain just yet/Baby, I’d come runnin’ into your arms/Whenever you might call/I’d drop everything for you love, any time at all/Well, the show is not over for us”.

‘Believing’ is remarkably the only song out of eleven that Faith did not write!  It was written by Tami Hinesh, Emily Shackelton, and Kate York.  Fans of the TV show ‘Nashville’ will be familiar with the song.  This country influenced ballad is one of gratitude: “When I get the feeling that my prayers have hit the ceiling/And those darker days when my faith has lost all meaning/You keep me believing/My fears are safe here held in your hands/When I’m broken you put me back together again/All that I once was, all I could be/When I’ve forgotten/Baby, you remind me”.  ‘Crashes On’ is a beautiful, poetic song about being a faithful partner in life: “You say we have a future/You say you can hold me closer/That you can be my healer, free my fears, forgive my faults/But my heart drifts away/On oceans deep it sets sail/On rolling waves it bounces round, stumbles and gets lost/But your light is always true/It stays the storms, it breaks through/Your love is the rock my heart always crashes on/Oh, your love is the rock my heart always crashes on”.

‘When I Run’ is sparse instrumentally and is like a modern day Psalm lyrically: “Even when I run, even if I hide/Every time the daylight turns into the night/Darkness tries to tempt me, covered in its shadows, covers me in lies, lies, in lies, lies/You’re always looking for me wherever I might run/You’ll always come and find me/Whenever I’m alone, I’m not alone/Because of you”.  ‘I Don’t Want You’ is a somber masterpiece both lyrically and musically: “I don’t wanna see another happy couple/I don’t wanna be on the outside of anything/I don’t even care if you’re happy with her/I’d rather just walk on my own way than feel anything at all/If I’m telling the truth/If I can’t have all of you/Then I don’t want you at all/If I’m telling the truth/If I can’t have all of you/Then I don’t want you at all”.

‘Overflow’ is a lovely duet with husband Dan Grace: “What happens to a heart that loves more than one body can hold?/What good things can come if you don’t hold it in but let love overflow?”  Last up is ‘Strong’, an adult pop song of a warrior: “I’ve been battlin’ demons, getting shot down by grief/Trippin’ up, fallin’ out/Givin’ up and rising on my feet/And I love who I see now/Because that reflection is strong”.

Much like fellow artists who have gone before her, such as Amy Grant, Jars of Clay, and Switchfoot, Faith Grace isn’t content living in a Christian bubble.  In fact, she says: “This is not a Christian album, not intentionally not, but I’m not targeting the church crowd audience this time around.  But it’s not NOT a Christian album.  It’s just not about Jesus.  It’s about life”.  With THERE GO MY DREAMS, Faith has hit a home run!  These songs are intimate, emotional, honest reflections on romantic relationships.  The words she uses to convey her feelings are well chosen.  Listening to this album, one feels as if they are holding Faith’s heart in his/her hands.  Faith’s lyrics display a great degree of vulnerability.  She is an exciting, personable, young lady who deserves a record deal!  Musically, the album is light adult pop and adult contemporary in nature.  Her vocals and the instrumentation are just beautiful.  They bring the listener a calm warmth, so lacking in our world today.  My only suggestion would be for her to next time include a couple faster paced songs for variety.  I’m rating THERE GO MY DREAMS 90%.  The pics of Faith included with this project are simply beautiful.  For more info visit or purchase the album on iTunes.  Faith will be holding a CD release party on Wednesday, November 9th, 2016 at Rhapsody Barrel Bar at 179 King St. West in Kitchener, Ontario at 7pm.