Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Delirious? began as The Cutting Edge Band back in 1992 as a youth oriented outreach worship band in Littlehampton, West Sussex, England.  They played at many events and recorded four EP’s which included such fan favorite songs as: ‘I Could Sing of Your Love Forever’, ‘Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble?’, and ‘I’ve Found Jesus’.  The group became known as Delirious? in January 1996 and put out their debut album KING OF FOOLS in 1997.  WORLD SERVICE (2003, Furious?) was their fifth studio album.  It was produced by Julian Kindred and Delirious?  Members of the band were: Martin Smith (vocals, guitars), Stu Garrard (guitars, vocals), Stew Smith (drums and percussion), Jon Thatcher (bass and bass synth), and Tim Jupp (keys, piano, Hammond, and brass).

First up is ‘Grace Like a River’, one of ten co-writes by Stu Garrard and Martin Smith.  It’s a great rock song that fathoms God’s care for us: “Mystery of mysteries that You could love someone like me/In Your hands eternity and yet You have the time for me/A love so undeserved/You held nothing in reserve/Heaven played its symphony/I took Your hand and You rescued me/Grace like a river/Is flowing down (2X)/Grace like a river/It’s flowing down to me”.  ‘Rain Down’ also rocks and was a #28 hit in the U.S.  It’s a cry for revival: “Back to the start, my heart is heavy/Feels like it’s time to dream again/I see the clouds and yes I’m ready/To dance upon this barren land/Hope in my hands/Rain down/All around the world we’re singing/Rain down/Can you hear the earth is singing?/Rain down/My heart is dry, but still I’m singing/Rain down/Rain it down”.

‘God in Heaven’ exalts the Father: “We’ll sing/’To God in Heaven be the glory (4X)/Great things our Saviour, He has done/And greater things are yet to come’”.  Next up is ‘Majesty (Here I Am)’.  According to Wikipedia.org “The song reached the top 15 worldwide and stayed at the top of the Guitar Rock charts for the entire month of October”.  The Hillsong Church Choir sings on the song which offers these words of testimony: “Here I am, knowing I’m a sinful man/Covered by the blood of the Lamb/Now I’ve found the greatest love of all is mine/Since You laid down Your life/The greatest sacrifice/Majesty, Majesty/Your grace has found me just as I am/Empty handed, but alive in Your hands”.

‘Inside Outside’ is a terrific adult rock song about God’s love: “Inside outside, pulling me in/No matter where I run, I know You’ll never give in/I see You in the storm/I see You in a kiss/I’ve been around the world and never found a love like this/And You, You’re all over me, You’re all over me/Your banner is over me/I give it all ‘cause/You still captivate me, fascinate me/You still captivate me/Saturate me”.  Jonathan Thatcher is a co-writer on ‘Free’, a nice ballad that converses with Christ: “Lord, You’ve let me see/I need strength to let You carry me/And love was right on time/When faith and hope were on the line/Cause I’ve got wings so watch me fly/And I’m free to be the man You want me to be/I’m alive when I’m alive in You”.

‘Everyone Knows’ is a beautiful song that begins with these poetic words: “Love grows stronger when you give it away/I’m holding on to see the sunrise, your eyes/You have this wonder and it’s beautiful/It makes my face shine like the sunrise, your eyes/Time to realize/It was love that saved us and love will save again/Only love can save us and love will save again”.  ‘With You’ could be addressed to God or to one’s partner: “You never let me go, you never let me fall/I know you’re in this pain/And when I’ve got it all/And I’m clinging on to you/Cause that’s all that we can do/Cause knowing you is beautiful”.

Martin Smith wrote ‘Mountains High’, a song about grief: “Sorrow came quicker than a fire/Was the longest day, was the loneliest day/I feel your hand, the warmth, your sweetest smile/But you slipped away through the great divide/This mountain’s high, too high for us/Your ways are high, too high for us”.  ‘I Was Blind’ is a praise and worship ballad: “I love Your ways/They are beautiful, so beautiful to me/Your mystery/How you know me, yet You love me/Your kindness, it brings me to my knees/Your kindness, it leads me to say sorry/I was blind, but now I see/I was broken but You carried me/I was lost, but now I’m found/I was guilty but You turned me around”.

‘Feel It Coming On’ is a rock song inviting God’s presence: “Reach inside of me, deeper than before/Would You tear away this old man, bring peace to this old war?/See Your piercing eyes, burn me like a fire/If You have me I will run to finish all that You’ve begun/Oh, I feel, I feel it’s coming on/When You call my name it feels like heaven/Hold me tonight/Will you hold me tonight?”  Last up is ‘Every Little Thing’ which features Daniel Bedingfield on guest vocals and was a #2 hit in part of Germany.  It’s an adult contemporary ballad that includes these words: “If your world is without colour/I will carry you, if you carry me/Every little thing’s gonna be alright/Every little thing is gonna be alright (2X)”.

WORLD SERVICE is a strong effort from Delirious?  If you are a fan of Christian rock and modern praise and worship, you’re going to love this album!  Here you will find songs of Christian testimony, cries for revival, and songs that glorify God.  Balancing things out, there are also three songs about male-female love relationships, and there’s one song about grief.  This album is for those who enjoy both the energetic rock and the quieter sounds of U2 and Newsboys.  Pop influences can be found throughout.  I’m rating WORLD SERVICE 98%.  For more info visit: www.martinsmith.tv.