Thursday, June 08, 2017


Kerrie Roberts was born on January 1, 1985.  She released her self-titled debut album in 2010.  It included the Top Ten hit ‘No Matter What’, as well as ‘Outcast’.  In 2013 she released TIME FOR THE SHOW, which included ‘What Are You Afraid Of’.  These first two albums were on Reunion Records.  Fast forward to March 2017 and she put out BOUNDLESS on Vital Records.  It was produced by Chris Cron and executive produced by Dottie Leonard Miller.  Kerrie shares: “I want listeners to have those moments of complete focus, peace and love and joy whenever you are experiencing the presence of God.  We know that lives are changed, hearts are changed, and our bodies are changed by His presence.  That would be the definition of success for me for this album; if people experience His presence and have their lives changed with a bit of a taste of Heaven”.

Starting things off is ‘Life in the Name’, a pop song of encouragement: “Even in our struggle, we don’t have to tremble/We know where to find our hope/There’s home, there’s heart/We remember who we are/There’s life in the Name, life in the Name/We’re free to fly/No fear of earth or sky/There’s life in the Name, life in the Name/Of Jesus, Jesus”.  Chris Cron, Aaron Rice, and Kerrie wrote ‘Hold On To You’.  I like the dance beat of the song, but the chorus sounds like a children’s song: “I can hold on, I can hold on/I can hold on to You/Cause You hold on, cause You hold on/Hold on to me, hold on to me”.

The title track, ‘Boundless’, is one of three songs on the album written by Chris Cron, Krissy Nordhoff, and Kerrie.  It is adult contemporary in nature and declares God’s goodness: “There’s no shore to the ocean of Your love/No ceiling or floor to the power of Your blood/You are boundless, You’re boundless/There’s no wall that Your mercy cannot break/There’s no heart that Your hands can’t shape/You are boundless, You’re boundless”.  ‘Echo of the Ages’ was penned by Chuck Butler, Kerrie, and Tony Wood.  It’s a pretty modern worship ballad: “The echo of the ages resounds before Your throne/Glory, all glory be to You and You alone/Our song of worship rises with the saints who’ve gone before/The echo of the ages/Holy is the Lord!”

Justin Morgan is a co-writer on ‘Rooted’, a lovely song of personal testimony: “No, I won’t be moved when the world tries to bend me/I’m firmly grounded in truth that has saved me/Jesus, You saved me/And I will ever be rooted in You, God/Ever be rooted in You, Lord/Ever be rooted in You”.  ‘By Your Grace’ is a worship song with a poetic chorus: “Your voice is never silent/Your love is never still/And only You reach far enough to save/Your Word is never empty/Your mercy’s new as spring/Your promise is forever and always/It’s only by Your grace/You break every chain/You meet us face to face/Only by Your grace”.

A David Thulin Radio Edit of the album’s next song ‘True North’ was released as a single.  The album version is a great pop/dance number singing God’s praises: “I look around at all the mystery/All the world reveals Your glory/Resounding with a shout of praise/Igniting, Your love lights the way/All my longings point to You (2X)/My true north/You give my life direction/You’re my true north/Your heart is my obsession/And wherever You lead me/I am following/My true north”.  A laid back version of the church classic ‘Nothing But the Blood’ follows.  It includes these iconic lyrics: “Nothing can for sin atone/Nothing but the blood of Jesus/Naught of good that I have done/Nothing but the blood of Jesus/Oh, precious is the flow/That makes me white as snow/No other fount I know/Nothing but the blood of Jesus”.

Matt Armstrong, Benji and Jenna Cowart, and Kerrie wrote ‘Where My Heart Belongs’.  It has a folk music feel to it and declares loyalty to Christ: “I will not build on sinking sand/I will not chase each passing wind/My hope is Jesus, nothing less/I know Your love will never rest.../I’m standing where my heart belongs/The Solid Rock, this is my home/My soul will sing and through it all/You are where my heart belongs (2X)”.  Last up is ‘The Answer’, a forgettable song: “You are the answer/My freedom, my homeland, my proof/The ground that I dance on/Inspiring unshakeable truth/The whisper, the thunder that I can’t refuse/You are the answer/The answer is always You”.

There are several strengths this album, BOUNDLESS, has.  First and foremost, one cannot help but acknowledge that Kerrie Roberts is a strong, talented vocalist.  She’s likely one of the best current female vocalists in the CCM market.  The background and gang vocals are also a strength on the album.  Secondly, Kerrie’s Christian faith comes through loud and clear.  She desires to be completely surrendered to Christ and to praise God both in the good and the bad times.  Thirdly, the music is contemporary in sound, whether we are talking pop or worship. Young adults will enjoy the musical sounds presented here.  Unfortunately there is a big downside to the album.  The lyrics lack depth and creativity as far as artistry goes.  Kerrie doesn’t say anything on this album that a mass of other worship artists haven’t already been saying and singing about for several years now.  In other words, there is nothing that sets this album apart message-wise.  In my opinion, the two best tracks are #7 and #8 (True North and Nothing But the Blood).  Next time around, I’d like to see Kerrie put out an album that lyrically deals with things like male-female relationships, addictions, self-esteem struggles, suicide, peer pressure, the challenges of being a Christian in today’s society, etc.  I’m rating BOUNDLESS 80%.  For more info visit: