Monday, February 27, 2006

BEAUTY HAS GRACE Posted by Picasa
Jaci Velasquez began in Contemporary Christian music as an inspirational singer more or less, with hits such as 'On my Knees'. In 2005, she released BEAUTY HAS GRACE on Word Entertainment.

On this album, she dabbles experimentally with the pop and light rock genres. And on a few tracks, she has a raspiness in her voice not too unlike Ashlee Simpson.

What one will notice when reading thru the lyrics for the ten tracks, is that she is a Christian who does not have all the answers to life's dilemmas, but she has chosen to put her trust in her Lord who provides her with comfort and solace. Velasquez uses multiple songwriters including industry vet Chris Eaton on a track.

One gets the feeling Velasquez is trying to reach a younger audience with this project. At times she sounds hip, at others it seems a stretch. But, overall I like this project. It is a statement of genuine, down to earth, upward looking faith.