Sunday, March 05, 2006

NO GREATER LOVE Posted by Picasa
When Greg Xavier Volz left Petra in the mid 80's, it was not the end of his musical career. In fact, he continues to record solo material to this day. Last year he released two projects, one of them being NO GREATER LOVE. The musical styles on this cd are not ones that are popular today. On some cuts, i can hear echoes of old Randy Rothwell material, he being an Integrity worship leader. At other times Volz serves up Caribbean type fare, that puts one in mind of Bobby McFerrin's "Don't worry be happy". The album is nicely added to by some classic guitar work by Will McFarlane.

The title track is up first. It is a classic bluesy rock number with a short lyric: "No greater love has any man than this/That he lay down his life for a friend/But Jesus laid it down for all the world to see/So that many would believe that He died for you and me/This is the greatest love that the world has known/that the world has known".

Thematically, the songs fall into the categories of praise and exhortation. On 'Shout Aloud', Volz offers this praise: "Jesus Christ has set me free, by the blood He shed on Calvary/He is worthy, I will praise Him." On 'Walk, love, do', he exhorts believers to "Walk humbly, love mercy, do justly."

It's good to hear the former voice of Petra still at it. It's a shame his music is not widely distributed though. To order Volz products call Match Made in Heaven Music at 1-800-445-8404, or visit