Saturday, March 18, 2006

STRYPER REBORN Posted by Picasa
Back in the 1980's if you were to ask a non-believer to name a Christian band, they would probably say either Petra, or Stryper. Each of these groups received flack from the church for using worldly music to spread the Message. Stryper was also criticized for their outlandish attire. Nevertheless, they rose to prominence with albums such as TO HELL WITH THE DEVIL and IN GOD WE TRUST. But, by the 90's, around the time of their AGAINST THE LAW disc, the guys were drinking quite a bit, and they more or less called it a day, except for doing a couple new tunes for a best of project.

Fast forward to 2005 and Stryper is back with three of the four same members. The new member is bassist Tracy Ferrie, formerly of WHITECROSS. named REBORN one of the best albums of 2005.

REBORN begins with two cuts that speak of the transformation needed for one to be truly free. On 'Open your eyes', they sing: "Open your eyes, loosen the vice that constrains you/Open your eyes, burn the disguise that you wear/Open your eyes, break the unfaith that controls you/Open your eyes, truth will be there". Lest the band be accused of not being specific enuff about the object of their faith, read these words from the song 'Passion': "Jesus Christ I want to serve You/I want what You want for me/Sacrifice-I don't deserve You, thru Your passion I am free".

The album concludes with a rocked up version of 'Amazing Grace', followed by a re-make of 'In God we Trust'. Stryper will be at a couple of festivals this summer and are booking a church tour.