Tuesday, May 25, 2010


     Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn have been making country music together as a duo for a couple decades, and racking up over twenty number one's in the process.  They can sing about having a good time in a bar, and matters of faith equally well, and perhaps that has been part of their draw.  We are all 'saints and sinners' depending on the day or the hour.  There is a certain realness to their songs.
     THE LAST RODEO tv special aired this past Sunday night on CBS from 8-10pm est.  It was actually filmed though in Las Vegas shortly after the Academy of Country Music Awards.  As with any tribute show, this one had its' share of hits and misses.  Chick magnet Keith Urban gave a solid performance on 'Brand New Man' with its' religious lyricism.  Brad Paisley in a trademark white cowboy hat, did justice to the upbeat"Workin' on my Next Broken Heart'.  Carrie Underwood donned a nice silver dress and covered 'Neon Moon' which she said she'd been singing since she was eight years old.  I particularly enjoyed Taylor Swift's performance of 'Ain't Nothing Bout You'. She came out in a sparkling purple dress and was certainly not lacking in the energy department. I hope she records this one! Swift has a likeable, innocent personality.  I loved it when she tossed her guitar and took to the mic. 
     Other performances left me unmoved at times.  Darius Rucker's 'Hard Workin' Man' fell flat for me, but it was superb compared to Jennifer Hudson's awful take on 'Believe'.  Sugarland attempted to be artistic with one of my favourite Brooks and Dunn songs 'Red Dirt Road', but it was so slow it was almost depressing.  No one dared touch 'My Maria'.  I would have liked to have heard someone do "You can't take the Honky Tonk out of the Girl'.  I love that vid by the way!
     There is no doubt Brooks and Dunn influenced those who came after them.  They have set records that will be hard to beat as well.  Best of luck with your solo careers after one last tour together guys!