Monday, May 03, 2010


     I received this Joyce Meyer book from my dad this past Christmas. NEVER GIVE UP came out in 2008 and is published by Faith Words.  I used to watch Joyce on tv more frequently and generally liked what she had to say. 
     This book is a must read for anyone who is going through, will go through, or even has gone through difficulties of any kind, whether the troubles be of a financial, relational, emotional, physical, psychological, or spiritual nature.  I like the book because unlike some prosperity teaching it starts with the premise that we will all go through troubles and can't just wish them away.  They are a part of life for believer and non-believer.  Troubles can be persistent. They are not easy to work through.
     I appreciated Meyer's honesty in revealing some of the difficulties she has had to work through over the years.  These include suffering abuse at the hands of her father, and facing ridicule as a woman trying to enter the ministry.  While she does not go into too much detail, she gives enough that she seems just like the rest of us trying to work her way through this thing we call life. 
     Reading this book you will learn the importance of properly using God's Word, purposely thinking in a proper manner, and defending yourself against the devil's attacks.  She assures the reader that rewards will come for our diligence and faithfulness, but they may not come in the form we desire them to or at the time we think they should.  Bravo Joyce! 
     This book could be used in so many ways really-to fight self-doubt, self-pity, depression, the list goes on.  Whether you are a post-secondary student, a middle-aged parent, or a senior citizen fighting loneliness you will find helpful tips in this book. It's easy to read and encouraging!