Saturday, June 05, 2010


     DEAR JOHN, like THE NOTEBOOK, is based on a novel by Nicholas Sparks.  Amanda Seyfried, who plays Savannah, and was in MEAN GIRLS, and is also in CHLOE, which I have yet to see, was mainly what drew me to rent this movie.  At times I loved her character as she is cute, down to earth, and good hearted, and at one point I despised her character.  Watch the movie and you can likely figure out at which point that was.  Channing Tatum plays her love interest, John.  While some male heartthrobs irritate me, such as Josh Hartnett at times, Tatum does not in this movie and acts quiet well and has good chemistry with Seyfried.
     DEAR JOHN examines long distance relationships brought on by one partner being in the military.  Long distance relationships of any kind require a reliance on strong communication and going through frequent bouts with loneliness.  Doesn't sound like much fun, eh?  The benefit though is a strong relationship if one perserveres.
     This film also looks at people who are not considered normal in our society-particularly the autistic and the obsessive, reclusive types.  The fast pace of our lives and our uncertainty on how to interact with these folks often leads us not to.  This movie shows healthy ways we can be involved that are beneficial to both parties.  Patience is key. For more on autism watch the special features on the dvd. 
     I give DEAR JOHN four out of five stars!