Wednesday, June 09, 2010


     I just finished reading my autographed copy of David and Sonya Cameron's THE REST OF HEALTH.  He is a family physician, while she is a liscenced marriage and family therapist.  I had the pleasure of attending Emmanuel Bible College with Sonya!  Are you feeling stressed out?  Having marriage problems?  Difficulties with co-workers?  Wondering who God is and how He relates to your everyday life?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, this book is for you.

     I liked this book because it does not minimize the problems we encounter in our daily lives, and frankly it does not give overnight solutions to them.  Much of the advice given, and many of the strategies presented, have to be worked hard at, and applied over and over.  Afterall, anything worth having isn't come by easily.

     I will touch on a few of the more interesting concepts to me in the book.  The Cameron's examine fifteen faulty thinking patterns we can fall into and offer healthy alternatives.  I studied some of these in an anxiety group I attended not so long ago.  Examples of faulty thinking include: negative filtering, thinking in extremes, pessimistic predictions, imagining a disaster, taking things too personally, and assuming emotion is truth.  I find the whole topic of faulty thinking fascinating.  There are some patterns I know describe me to the full.  There are some I thought I had, but now realize I don't.  As well, there are some I likely have, but am too blind to see it!  The book is worth picking up for this section alone.

     David and Sonya also write about the importance of physical health, exercise, and what one eats.   They offer some specific advice on these topics and show a direct relationship between our physical health and mental well-being that works both ways.  They also write about the importance of setting boundaries.  Are you the type of person who can't say no to others, to the point of burnout?  No worries, this book will show you how to break free of that!

     A final topic of interest to me was that of apology and forgiveness.  This is a very personal topic.  Resolving conflict in relationships is vital to our overall health, but so rarely done properly it seems. I have a lot to learn here.  David and Sonya walk the reader through steps to healing that both acknowledge the wrongs committed and the effects they had, and release the offender and victim from guilt and shame, so both parties can move on, and even potentially reconcile in many cases. 

     The Cameron's present all of these concepts and more, through the story of a fictional couple, Mike and Sara Forrester, which is effective.  My only beef with the book is minor-some of the humour is fairly corny.  I have been accused of the same though!

     For more on the book and the Cameron's, visit and  Also, visit a bookstore near you and get your copy today!