Tuesday, May 10, 2011


     The Proverbs' 20th album, is, pleasantly a Christmas offering.  CHRISTMAS-OUR FAVOURITE TIME OF YEAR (2010) begins with 'Light of the World', an adult contemporary song of worship and mission good for the whole year round and written by Phil Johnson and Mark Lowry: "Oh Light, Oh Light of the world we worship You/Oh Light, Oh Light of the world we honour You/As we journey through this cold dark world we will carry You/To light up the world with the Light of the world."  Irving Berlin's 'White Christmas' is given a slow jazz treatment with nice guitar work and puts one in mind of sitting in a coffee shop by a fireplace sipping a hot chocolate.  'Go Tell' really finds the Proverbs in their element.  It is an upbeat country tune that will get you clapping, as did some of their older hits such as 'In my Robe of White' and 'It'll be Alright'.  Message wise, it is in keeping with the Great Commission given by Jesus: "Once you've seen that shinin' star/You can't keep it to yourself/Go tell it near and far/He is Emmanuel/You've gotta go tell." 'If Everyday could be Christmas' is easy listening, features nice keyboard sounds, and is sentimental: "If everyday could be Christmas/What a wonderful world it would be/We could carry this feeling within us/All through the year/If everyday could be Christmas."  Not forgetting the kids, the group includes a nice arrangement of 'Away in a Manger' with good harmonies.
     'Reason for the Season' was on LONESTAR'S 2000 album THIS CHRISTMAS TIME, and reflects on the true meaning of Christmas: "He is the reason for the season/He is the Light that shines on our lives/The baby Jesus born in God's grace so we all might rejoice on this day."  The song begins with Dave Daw on lead vocals and I would have liked him to carry the whole vocal for a bit of variety.  'The Christmas Song' seems aimed at a more senior audience and would fit nicely on Tillsonburg's EASY 101 FM.
     'The First Noel' is again easy listening and I recommend it to fans of later era Point of Grace harmonies.  'Silent Night' is given the acappella treatment and features Dave's bass.  It is clear that the Proverbs could do an entire acappella album that would be quite enjoyable!  The album concludes with Steve Chapman's 'The Mystery of the Season' which speaks of a desire, yes a longing, to be with family at Christmas: "It sends me down the highway to feed a hunger in my soul/I drove all day to get here as if I had control/And the cars out in the driveway tell me I am not alone/It's the mystery of the season/One by one comin' home."
     On CHRISTMAS-OUR FAVOURITE TIME OF YEAR, the Proverbs don't murder the classic carols as some have, and that is something to be thankful for.  The album could have been improved by including more faster, joyful sounding tunes given the occasion.  I'm giving this one a 78%.  It would be a nice addition to your Christmas music collection. For more info or to purchase, please visit http://www.theproverbs.com/.  Thanks to Dave, Kathy, and Karyl.