Saturday, May 21, 2011


     The Proverbs GIVE IT AWAY CONCERT DVD (2009) is their first full length concert dvd.  The taping, produced by Enhance Media, was part of a concert at Kingston Gospel Temple, which also featured the Revelations and Crimson River.  The dvd opens with a greeting from the Oak Ridge Boys congratulating the Proverbs on 40 years of ministry in music!
     Twelve of the thirteen songs from the Proverbs GIVE IT AWAY cd (2008) are performed with 'The Shepherd's Call' being excluded.  Two songs from their RELEASE cd are also performed.  'Well Water' tells the story of the Samaritan woman meeting Jesus at the well and Him offering her water "flowing from a river that will never run dry."  It has a country feel to it.  'Holdin' His Own' reminds us that Jesus is there for us when we are at our rope's end and have lost our sense of direction.  The three group members (Dave Daw, Kathy Daw, and Karyl Tymciw) make good use of the stage and different camera angles are used on the dvd, including close-ups.  The sound is top notch. 
     The talking between songs flows naturally and the group seems at ease.  At one point, Dave jokes about being the best looking of the group.  At another, Kathy jokes that it's too bad they didn't get around to making a video when they looked younger in days gone by.  During 'Everybody wants to go to Heaven'  Dave hams it up playing the 'air fiddle' along with the track that is playing.  Before singing 'It is Well with my Soul' acappella style, Dave shares that his dad was a pastor who sang in a quartet.  Dave and his family would sing in the car on the way to services, practicing harmonies.  On 'Ghost in this House' Dave comes down off the stage for a more direct involvement with the audience.
     Before singing 'Even in the Valley God is Good' Karyl shares how she loves the mountain times, when the Spirit is vibrant in our lives, but it is the valley times that help us grow.  'Give it Away' is about how we as Christians should show God's love.  During this song the group gives two free cd's away for audience participation.  A lady who dances enthusiastically and another who shares several hugs each win.  Dave shares that the reason the group has travelled for 42 plus years is to offer folks the gift of salvation.  There is eternal life if we put our faith in Christ.  Many are unaware of this.  Kathy shares that her theme that particular year was to be distracted by God.  Listen to God and you'll go the right way.  The group's 2011 cd would be called 'dis-tract-ed.'
     GIVE IT AWAY CONCERT DVD showcases a group that is down to earth and excited about their faith.  They are professional as well.  I'm rating this dvd a 75%.  If the group were to record another dvd in the future, it would be neat to see the use of some live musicians, and the inclusion of some of their older hits.