Saturday, November 19, 2011


     Twila Paris is one of the most beloved female vocalists in the history of Contemporary Christian Music.  She has popularized such songs as "We Will Glorify", "The Warrior is a Child", "How Beautiful", and "God is in Control."  Her latest album SMALL SACRIFICE (2007, Mountain Spring Music) is produced by John Hartley and still finds her voice and songwriting talents in fine form.
     'We Know Love' is percussion heavy and starts the album out on a grateful note: "One love would give up itself for a friend/One love is faithful and true till the end/This love is Him/By this we know love, by this we know love/That He laid down His life/Laid down His life for us/We know love."  'I Can do all Things' finds Twila engaged in spiritual warfare and features a nice electric guitar solo: "The danger here is real/From one who comes to steal/The freedom and the life/That You have given me/So I will cling to You/Your promise will be true/You are my Solid Rock/You are my victory."  'You Lead Me' is about one who is totally dependent on the Lord:  "And You lead me by still waters/You lead me through the storm/You feed me in green pastures/You keep me safe from harm."  'Small Sacrifice', the title cut, features pretty keys and finds her conversing with God: "What can you do with this gift of mine/So insignificant, so unrefined/What can You do with a simple girl?/You can change the world, you can change the world/With one small sacrifice/I give You all my love/I give You all my life."  'Lord I need You' is a fitting worship chorus that conveys a desire to be approved by the Father: "Lord I need You/I want to please You/In everything I say/In everything I do/Make me holy/For Your glory/A living sacrifice/Accepted in my Savior's eyes/This is my heart, this is my cry."
     The next two songs are two of my favourites.  'Live to Praise' is an upbeat song of thanksgiving: "You made me out of dust and breath/And I will live to praise You/You saved me from a certain death/And I will live to praise You/The more I look the more I see/There is no higher goal for me/You are my King, You are my Lord/I will praise You."  'Not Forgotten' is a ballad that offers these words of assurance:  "And hope will spring eternal/In the home of those who know/That loving eyes will follow/Everywhere we go/And even in the darkness/His promises are true/Keep this in your heart/He has not forgotten you."  'There is a Plan' is an artistic track featuring Chris Donohue on bass.  It reflects on how God mysteriously works in our lives: "He is working through the night/Behind the scenes, behind the eyes/Though we would never realize it at a glance/When He comes to work in me/The building of eternity/I pray I do not miss the moment/Do not miss the chance, do not miss the chance."  'You are a Great God'  is signature Twila Paris and praises God for His incomparable greatness: "You are the giver of light/You are the giver of wisdom/You are the giver of strength/You are the giver of joy/You are the Saver of souls/You are the maker of all/We bow down low because we know/You are a great God."  'Alleluia' ends the album on a confident note: "No matter where on earth I stand/Alleluia/I am resting in Your hand/Alleluia/Casting every fear aside/In Your shadow I will hide/You have called me to abide/Alleluia."
     The background vocalists on SMALL SACRIFICE are impressive: Michelle Tumes, Jennifer Paige, Chris Eaton, and Chris Rodriguez.  Those who prefer soft, gentle, inspirational music and light pop tunes will appreciate this project.  I'm rating it 83%.  For more info visit or