Wednesday, November 16, 2011


     It's been ten years since Superchick put out their first album KARAOKE SUPERSTARS, so what better time than now for lead vocalist Tricia Brock to release her first solo effort, a worship project, THE ROAD (2011, Inpop Records)?  In an interview with CCM Magazine's June 2011 digital edition, she shares: "My prayer for listeners is that these songs can be songs of hope that resonate in deep places of your soul like they have mine.  That you can be honest about hurts, and losses and pain and that these very places can lead you closer to the altar of God-to the one place of true healing, true forgiveness and love that make sense of all the unanswered questions."  The last couple of years have not been easy for Tricia.  Her mother-in-law was fighting cancer, she almost lost her mom to a heart attack, and she had a miscarriage.
     'Breath of God', a pop song of total surrender, begins the album: "On my knees I bow before You/So here I am, I lay my treasures down/I lay them down/From my lips a song of glory/With my hands I reach for more of You/For more of You."  'Lean' is an adult contemporary song about trusting in Jesus: "So I will lean upon the cross/I will lean into Your love/Your Spirit's living in me/Alive in me/I will sing when there is no song/In the dark/Lord, Your light is strong."  'You are my Shepherd' is a beautiful piano ballad written by Jennie Lee Riddle and Jonathan Lee, that is a modern take on the message of Psalm 23: "You are my Shepherd in the wilderness/Whom shall I fear?/You are the God who goes before me/My Rock and my Shield/In troubled times/You will provide/And I shall not want/You are, You are my God."  'You Hear' suits Tricia's voice very nicely, and rejoices in the open conversation we have with God: "From burdens weighty with regret/And sorrows we cannot forget/You turn our tears to holiness/When You hear, oh You hear."
     'Jesus, I am Resting' is a peaceful, guitar based song of praise: "How great Thy loving kindness/Vaster, broader than the sea/How marvelous Thy goodness/Lavished all on me/Yes I rest in Thee Beloved/Know what wealth of greace is Thine/Know Thy certainty of promise/And have made it mine."  'The Altar' is a reverent song of intimacy: "There's a place/A place of healing/There is no shame, within Your scars/This place is sacred/This place is secret/Here in the presence of a holy God (2X)...Be still and know that He is God (2X)."  'Always' is an anthem featuring strings, written by Jason Ingram and Kristian Stanfill.  It presents a realistic view of life and offers a proper response to the trials we face: "Trouble surrounds me/Chaos abounding/My soul will rest in You/I will not fear the war/I will not fear the storm/My Help is on the way (2X)."  The song's background vocalists include Melissa and Ben Greene.  'Impossible' is upbeat and points to the Source of our victory as Christians: "He has won where we have failed/He is hope where all hope is lost/He's the One whose hands were nailed/Forgiveness bought by blood and a cross/Glory to His name (2X)." 
     'Everything in Me' is one of my favourites and is a catchy pop song of dedication to God: "With everything that's in me/Until there's nothing left/I will sing for You/With everything that's in me/Until my body's broken/I'll live for You/Take every breath/Take every part/How could I give anything less than everything?/Than everything."  'Overwhelmed' is a quiet song written by Jennie Lee Riddle and Jonathan Lee, and featuring these beautiful words: "Your tenderness is moving/You refresh my soul/With words of pristine water/That bathe and make me whole/Your holiness is burning through my very soul/Your words consume like fire/I'm purified like gold."  'Broken for Love's Sake' gently closes the album and begins with this prayer: "You've come to seek and to save/Those who've lost their way/So seek me or I won't be found/You've come to keep and sustain/Those whom You have named/So keep me, O keep me now."
     THE ROAD was produced by Tricia's husband Nick Baumhardt, who also shares writing credits with her on some of the tracks.  It is a mostly mellow, contemporary worship project that finds her adoring the Lord for what He has done and for who He is.  It is neat to see a different side to this Superchick gal.  The photos of her are very compelling.  I'm rating THE ROAD 87%.  For more info visit or