Monday, April 30, 2012


Tammy Trent's autobiography LEARNING TO BREATHE AGAIN-CHOOSING LIFE AND FINDING HOPE AFTER A SHATTERING LOSS was published in 2004 by Thomas Nelson.  Most of the books I read fall into the Christian living or biography categories.  I have to say right up front that this is one of the best books I have ever read.  In it, Tammy is honest, vulnerable, down-to-earth, and displays a sense of humour.  There are many reasons you should read this book.

The book details Tammy's musical influences, and provides an inside look at the hard work it takes to break into the Contemporary Christian Music scene and get radio airplay and become known.  The book examines the effects of divorce on children, as her parents were divorced.  It details the importance of the divorced parents being able to get along and be in the same room together for the children's sake.  Tammy came to greatly appreciate that.

Mostly, this book is a love story. It tells how this Michigan girl fell in love with a Michigan boy, Trent Lenderink whom she met at a church event.  This book is a great tool for those married folks wanting to learn how to treat their spouse better, like they are special, and wanting to help stimulate spiritual growth in their partner.  For single folks, this book could be beneficial as well, as it shows the importance of waiting to have sex until marriage.  I like that in this book, Tammy does not hide her sexual passions she experienced before marriage.  When reading this book, one is reminded that ultimately though married, one should rely on the Lord more than they rely on their spouse.  Tammy also shares a lot about her relationship with her in-laws which some people may also find useful if they are having difficulties with theirs.  Tammy also documents the importance of having good friends, one of her best being singer Pam Thum.  Tammy's husband Trent often struggled with finding out what God's ultimate purpose was for his life. If you are in the same boat, this book will encourage you that God may be using you right now in ways you don't even realize.  Praise the Lord!

Read this book to find out how Tammy's husband Trent died tragically, right around the same time the 9/11 attacks occurred! You will go on a journey with Tammy through the various stages of grief, and see how God ministered to her during this time, and used her to minister to others as well, when she was experiencing grief.  Read to find out Tammy's newfound purpose in life and how she re-entered the Contemporary Christian Music scene when the time was right. 

If you enjoyed Clay and Renee Crosse's book I SURRENDER ALL, you will appreciate the candid nature of Tammy Trent's LEARNING TO BREATHE AGAIN.  What a great book. Thanks Tammy for sharing your story with us! God bless you in the years ahead!  I'm rating this book 95%.  For more info, and to purchase Tammy's book and cd's go to, or your local Christian bookstore!