Sunday, April 08, 2012


In 1995 Tammy Trent released her self-titled debut album on R. E. X. Music, which birthed the hit 'Your Love is 4 Always.'  Fast forward to 2006 and she released I SEE BEAUTIFUL (September Day Records) produced by herself, Tim Miner, John Mandeville, and Tony Montana.  This album is full of dance and R&B grooves.  In the CD booklet she writes: "Father God, I have felt Your hand on my life since I can remember, but never so strongly as when I stood on the edge of the water September 10th, 2001 when you also took the hand of Trent for all eternity at that very moment."  Tammy lost her husband in a scuba diving accident.

I SEE BEAUTIFUL begins with 'Real Life', one of three consecutive tunes written by Trent, Tim Miner, and David Garcia.  The song starts things off on a happy note: "On the cross You died for me/So I could live forever free/And the hope I feel cannot compare/Through Your strength I'm movin' on/And my heart is growin' strong/No one else could offer this to me.../I'm talking 'bout I'm livin' a, a real, real life."  The title track is up next, and begins with these words which convey a positive outlook on life: "Every time I take the time I see You/Everywhere I look I know You're there/No matter how I'm feeling I can feel You/I believe that I receive Your goodness/I choose to see things differently/You can if you will just believe."  'Is This Love' particularly brings the funk, and includes a break down by Tim Miner.  The song offers sound advice to those looking for a mate: "Lord, tell me is this love?/Wait come on anticipate/You know the Lord is never late/So lay it down and wait upon the Lord/He can give you more of what you need/Peace and love, security/So feel me when I say to you, say to you/I don't really think that settlings the answer/I believe the Lord will always have the answer."

'Pray' is infectious and features a rap part by MJ Automatic that includes these words of mutual concern: "No doubt gotta look out for each other/I pray for my sister, she pray for her brother/See I only want one thing and it ain't your money/Your cars or your bling/When I'm at church, work, home, or the hood/You pray for me, I pray for you and it's all good."  The next two tracks are co-written with former Petra guitarist Pete Orta.  'I'm Not Listening' is a great song that finds Tammy strong and single-minded in her faith: "You can take away this world/But I will hold strong/My God gives me strength to carry on/It's His Spirit I can feel/And His words that I believe/Delusions will not lose or trip or stumble me/You can say what you want/Know that I'm not listening (2X)."  'Rescue Me' features great vocals by Tammy and opens with these words of one who is weary: "I've been strong to give the world a song/And to sing praises to my King/I've been there every time and the first one in line/When You've called/But right now I can't imagine how I can live/I got nothin' more to give/I've been picked now to cope/With the same path of Job/Hear my fall."

'Stop the World' is a touching song written by Pete Orta in 2001.  Of it, Tammy writes: "This song is dedicated to the greatest love I've ever known, Trent Lenderink.  I miss you and wish I could have stopped the world."  The lyrics to the song have Tammy experiencing healing: "Now when I wake up in the morning/My eyes have never been so clear/The gift that you were is now what I have to be/I see clearly/You're my miracle of life/You're everything I breathe/I wanna fall asleep in your eternity."  'At the Foot of the Cross' was written by Kathryn Scott in 2003.  It is inspirational in nature and very pretty.  Background vocals are handled by Pam Thum and Lisa Bevill.  The song finds Tammy in love with the Lord: "I lay every burden down/At the foot of the cross/At the foot of the cross where I am made complete/You have given me life/Through the death You bore for me/And You've won my heart, yes You've won my heart."  'Forgive Me' is a ballad written by Tim Miner in 1990 that includes strings by Howard McCrary and these very vulnerable and emotional words: "Your Spirit always seems to grab me/Just before I go over the edge/But what I can't understand is why/You're even here/When I trashed my oath and my pledge."  The song blends into track ten.  'Run into the Arms of Love' continues with the theme of forgiveness: "I don't even know why Your mercy never dies/So I'll just run into the arms of love as fast as I can, Yeah/'Cause I don't even know why Your mercy never dies/So I'll run into the arms of love as fast as I can."  The album ends with 'Pray (The FloodZone Remix)' which features a rap by Chill Dog and is a good track to work out to.

In the liner notes Tammy sums up I SEE BEAUTIFUL this way: "Through the good and the bad, the ups and the downs, I see beautiful.  That is my hope.  That is my strength.  That is a legacy that I want to leave behind.  To God be ALL the glory.  Love and Laughter."  The photos of Tammy are beautiful and playful.  Fans of Beyonce, Michael Jackson, and Stacie Orrico should give this album a spin.  We need more music done in this dance style in Contemporary Christian Music.  I'm rating I SEE BEAUTIFUL 87%.  For more info visit