Saturday, August 03, 2013


The same year that Petra put out BEYOND BELIEF, Mylon and Broken Heart released their final album CRANK IT UP (1990, Star Song Records).  Producers used on the album are: Scott Allen, Joe Hardy, Mylon Le Fevre, and Cheryl Rogers.  Michael Gleason contributes background vocals.

The title track ‘Crank it Up’ is a killer rock song that lyrically is a cry for spiritual revival: “I wanna live for Jesus and not just survive/I need the power of God to kick me into overdrive/C’mon and crank it up/There’s power in Your Name/C’mon and crank it up/Turn up the Holy flame/Crank it up (2X)/When I need it the most/You crank it up.”  ‘Denomination Demolition’ is a meaty, punch-filled rocker.  It is a plea for unity in the Body of Christ: “One church, one heart/This was God’s intention from the start/No fuss, no fight/We can walk together in the Light/It’s so important that we catch the vision/Stand up for Jesus and renounce religion/Denomination Demolition/Life shouldn’t be a competition/We can fulfill the great commission/Denomination Demolition.”

‘New Attitude’ sounds like something out of DeGarmo and Key’s catalogue.  It speaks to the fact that our relationship with God should transform us: “He’s the God of the chosen few/He’s making everything brand new/We need a new attitude/This is no time to play/New attitude/We need to do it God’s way/New attitude/We need it every day/We need a new attitude.”  ‘Letter from the Front’ is a light pop song on which Stutz Wimmer plays saxophone.  It is a song of exhortation: “Pastors and teachers/Disciple His children/And tend to your flock/Prophets and preachers/Keep sharing the Gospel/Of Jesus our Rock/And for all the intercessors/Who deal with all the pressures/Don’t get discouraged/Cause His love is keeping you strong.”

‘Give it Away’ is a mellow track that talks of sharing what God has given us with others: “You can make a difference/You can lead the way/Jesus is the Answer/So let’s give His love away/Give it away/When you find a ray of hope/That shines like a priceless treasure/Give it away/When you find the love of Jesus/Upon you without measure.”  A cover of James Taylor’s song of warmth ‘Shower the People’ follows: “Shower the people you love with love/Show them the way you feel/Things are gonna be much better/If you only will/Shower the people you love with love/Show them the way you feel/Things are gonna work out fine/If you only will.”

‘Dancing in the Light’ is a forgettable number that includes these words: “All my fears just fade away/When I’m dancing in the light/I feel like a child today/Cause I’m dancing in the light.”  ‘Heaven’ is a joyful rock song that anticipates the jubilation awaiting us in heaven: “Seems like I finally caught a glimpse of heaven/And what I see is blowing me away/Cause heaven’s gates are open wide/And I can see myself inside/I’m gonna go to heaven/Gonna walk down the streets of gold/I’m gonna go to heaven/Breaking away from horizontal hold/I’m gonna go to heaven/And see where the living waters flow/I’m gonna go to heaven/Don’t you want to go...well?”

‘World Changer’ is a catchy rocker.  This song reveals that Mylon truly wants to be sensitive to the Lord’s leading: “There’s always some place new to go/Wearing a ministry disguise/Lord help me hear You if You tell me no/Help me to be wise/Help me not to do more than I should/Even if it’s in the name of doing good/I just need to know Your will today/And I don’t want to get in Your way.”  ‘Going Home’ includes these words of encouragement: “Press on toward the goal/And keep on fighting the fight/With Jesus in control/We’ll finally see the light.”

While on tour Mylon suffered a massive heart attack.  This put an end to his rocking out days.  CRANK IT UP is a very solid rock record with great vocals and messages.  It stands the test of time.  I’m rating it 87% just like its predecessor BIG WORLD.  Mylon Le Fevre has since released a couple of much lighter Christian records musically.  1992 brought FAITH, HOPE, AND LOVE, and 2003 brought BOW DOWN.  Mylon and his wife Christi currently teach and preach.  He has spoken at motorcycle rallies, NFL and NBA chapel services, and NASCAR chapel services.  He says: “I have never enjoyed anything as much as ministering the gospel to people and watching it change their lives for the better.  It is the best news on this planet!”  He adds: “We believe our future in the Lord is very bright and full of promise.”  For more info visit