Thursday, August 29, 2013



Tammy Trent released her debut album back in 1995.  In 2001 she suffered a tragic loss when her husband died in an overseas diving accident.  She documents this in her terrific book LEARNING TO BREATHE AGAIN.  Her latest CD is SUNNY DAYS (2013, September Day Records).  In her bio she says: “This musical offering has brought me to the most beautiful season yet on my personal journey from love to loss and into a deeper understanding of God’s faithful commitment to us through life’s growing moments.”

The opening cut is the title track ‘Sunny Days’.  It is an upbeat pop/dance song and is the first of two songs in a row she writes with main album producer Doug Beiden and Scott Krippayne.  Here are the opening lyrics: “Top down/Embracing the blue skies/Don’t know how long it’s been/No clouds, a sight for these sore eyes/Just want to soak it all in/The gifts You give/Very life that I live/You are my reason/I’ll give You praise/Through the pain/All my days/In every season/But I’m grateful the storm is at an end.”  ‘Glow in the Dark’ is a song of encouragement for the discouraged: “If it feels there’ll never be a way out/And the weight is too much to bare/Don’t forget that even though you may doubt/Hope will always reappear.../You’re not alone, I know you’re gonna get through/You have so much more to give.”

‘We’re Letting Go’ will get your feet moving with its urban beat.  It includes these fun lyrics in a breakdown: “Come on everybody/Come on, come on and lift your hands/Come on everybody/Come on, come on/It’s time to dance/Shake it to the left and move it to the right/Love is gonna lead us to the other side/I know you can/You’ll learn to fly/Come on, come on!”  Next up is a nicely updated version of Tammy’s inspirational signature song ‘Welcome Home’ penned by John Mandeville and originally recorded by Tammy in 1997.  The song speaks of God’s willingness to forgive us and wipe our slates clean if we just repent and turn to Him: “I was taken back when You took me in/Just to wipe my tears away.../Welcome home, My mercy’s waiting/Welcome home to open arms/There’s no shame in your returning/Though you may have wandered far/Welcome home.”

Hillsong United fans will recognize the next song.  Tammy covers Brooke Ligertwood’s ‘You’ll Come’.  David Cleveland plays guitars while Duncan Mullins is on bass.  These words put full confidence in Christ: “We are not shaken, we are not moved/We wait upon You Lord/Mighty Deliverer, triumph and truth/We wait upon You Lord/As surely as the sun will rise/You’ll come back to us/Certain as Your Word endures.../Chains be broken/Lives be healed/Eyes be opened/Christ is revealed.”  ‘Fall at Your Feet’ is one of my favourites on the album.  It reflects on who God is and how we ought to respond to Him: “We bring our broken lives/You hear our desperate cries/All as we fall at Your feet/You see our deepest pain/And make us whole again/All as we fall at Your feet/And worship You/We worship You/And our hands are lifted high/For You can save/From the depths we will cry/And give You praise.”

‘Your Grace is Enough’ is a light adult contemporary song.  It was co-written with Alisa Childers, and Quinlan.  Childers was in Zoegirl and also contributes guest vocals on the chorus here.  These words from the song make it evident where Tammy seeks refuge: “In my heaviness I am confident/That You will never leave/All my brokenness is the evidence/Of the work You’ve done in me/Your grace is enough for me/Your love is the touch I need/When I’m safe in Your arms I’m free/Oh, Your grace is enough for me.”  ‘I’m Running’ was written by Tammy, Chrissy Katina (Zoegirl), and Bobby Tinsley.  It is a happy pop song of testimony that Carly Rae Jepsen fans should check out: “I can’t forget the day we met/My smile it gives it all away/I took a chance, You held my hand and now I’ll never be the same.../So I’m running/Straight to You/With all my broken pieces/The fact is I’m on empty/If Your love does not consume me/I’m running, oooh (3X)/I’m running straight to You.”

One of the co-writers of ‘Stronger Now’ is Doug Beiden.  He has worked with the likes of Mandisa, Carman, and Benny Hester.  This is a song that makes a lot of sense in light of Tammy’s husband’s death: “I never thought/I’d breathe again/Life fought me hard/But here I stand (I’m stronger)/Hey Yeah/Trouble always seemed to find me/But You picked me up and showed me mercy/Now I’m living to praise/Your beautiful Name.”  ‘Don’t Let Him Be The Last To Know’ is a pretty ballad that urges us to turn to Father God in our times of need: “When the day succumbs to night/And when the clouds conceal the light/And when You’re down and feeling low/Don’t let Him be the last to know/When you have grief just lay it down/And put your knees on sacred ground/When you have weight you just can’t tow/Don’t let Him be the last to know/Don’t let Him be.”

Tammy says: “I’m still over the moon excited about sharing my faith and hope with those that feel like leaning in for a listen.”  SUNNY DAYS is a terrific, contemporary, cool sounding, pop/dance album.  Tammy’s talent, message, good looks, and fashion sense, along with her modesty, make her a great role model for young women.  Her vocals are great too!  I’m rating this project 90%.  For more info visit