Saturday, April 02, 2016


Plankeye released their major label debut SPILL in 1994 on Tooth & Nail Records.  At the time the group’s roster was: Scott Silletta (vocals, guitar), Eric Balmer (guitar), Adam Ferry (drums), and Luis Garcia (bass).  SPILL was produced by Pino Squillace and the band.  Brandon Ebel serves as executive producer.  I will begin my review with an analysis of the lyrics.

The opening song ‘Good News’ reflects on God’s goodness: “When I think of You I see a beauty that cannot be described by words.../When I think of You all I want to do is share the good news/And it’s You who makes the love shine in my life/And it’s You who brings a tear to my eyes/And its’ You who picks me up when I fall”.  ‘Revolution’ is a song of spiritual invitation: “The revolution has begun/The time to give your life has come/Christ awaits you with open arms/So open your heart to Him/Blood has been spilled, a prophecy fulfilled/The Lord is coming down, our future is revealed/The time to change is now/The book has been wrote so come on/Hurting people, and jump on the gospel boat”.

‘Power’ offers these words of spiritual advice: “Talk is talk, but you got to walk the walk or you’ll be counted out/Realize that the world’s a wicked place/And Jesus is the only way out”.  ‘Open Eyes’ reminds us that everyone is our neighbour: “Love your brother, any form, shape, and size/Because no one looks perfect in Jesus’ eyes/Take time to know your brothers/See the difference in their eyes/Take time to know your brothers and open up their eyes/We go through this life with our eyes closed/And we turn off the people who need us most/We gotta make time to know one another/We gotta take time to love all our brothers”.

‘Scared’ is a song of human honesty that is addressed to Jesus: “I feel Your presence when I’m on my knees/Asking for forgiveness/Lord, hear my cries and pleas/I know You’re there Lord/I know You care/I know You set me free, but I’m still scared/I know You’re there, but I’m still scared”.  ‘Bold’ shows an interest in the spiritual health of others: “The Lord calls us to make a stand/To be bold and persevere in them/Cause if you do, you will save yourself and those who hear the Word/Just tryin’ to keep you on the right track because I care my friend/Don’t want to see you sliding back”.

‘Step Away’ is a song of spiritual surrender: “I realize what I must do/I set my flesh aside and let You through, yeah/With the flesh aside I let You through/I see all the works You do/I love You Lord and I don’t say it enough/So I just want to give my life to You”.  ‘Free Me’ is another song of spiritual surrender: “Father, I’m down on my knees/Lord Jesus, come and fill me/Without You, I am nothing/Oh Lord, nothing/And I will serve until Your coming”.

Here are the complete lyrics to ‘Know Way’, which are repeated twice: “I don’t know how you can tell me that I don’t understand/I’ve been in those shoes before and made my plan/I don’t want to hear those cries/I don’t want to hear those lies/I don’t want to live that way again (2X)/I found my way out/The Savior from my sin/He takes away all the misery and pain/So you won’t have to live that way again, no!”  Last up is ‘Forever’.  It anticipates Heaven: “I’ll make a promise to you/Someday the Lord will come and take us away/No more suffering, no more hate and sorrow/Just love, sweet love/From a God of mercy”.

SPILL is essentially an album of alternative pop/rock music with influences of grunge throughout.  Overall, sonically the album is fairly mellow, but there are moments of electric guitar driven intensity.  Scott Silletta’s vocals are smooth and warm to the ear.  This album is not a deep theological study lyrically, but the themes presented concerning the Christian life are certainly worthy of reflection.  I’m rating SPILL 87%.  It’s a great debut album!