Wednesday, April 06, 2016


Jeremy Camp was born in Lafayette, Indiana on January 12, 1978.  He put out his first studio album BURDEN ME in 2000.  He released his second studio album and first major label studio album STAY in 2002 via BEC Recordings.  It was produced by Adam Watts and Andy Dodd and executive produced by Brandon Ebel.

First up is ‘Understand’, an adult rock song that was his debut single.  This #1 hit finds Jeremy talking to God: “Every time I fall down on my face/I see the One who bore all my shame/Well, to know that You are everything I need You to be/You’re my ever present help in time of need/I know You understand it all/So why don’t I get back on my feet again?”  ‘Right Here’ hit #1 on the Billboard Hot Christian Songs airplay chart.  This is a song of gratitude for God’s faithfulness: “The many times that I have felt alone/the many times that I have felt the world was crashing down upon me/You always stood here by my side/You were always there/Everywhere I go I know You’re not far away/You’re right here, You’re right here”.

‘Walk By Faith’ was also a #1 hit!  Strings on it were composed, arranged, and conducted by Brandon Roberts.  Jeremy wrote the song during his honeymoon.  It puts full trust in God: “Well, I will walk by faith even when I cannot see/Well, because this broken road prepares Your will for me/Well, I’m broken but still I see Your face/Well, you’ve spoken, pouring Your words of grace”.  The title track, ‘Stay’, is a song of spiritual encouragement: “Come on now stay right here in the light/So that you won’t walk away, away, yeah/Well, come on now stay right here in the light/Throw your burdens all away, away, yeah/Throw your burdens all away”.

‘All The Time’ extols God: “All the time, all the time, yeah/You have given me love more than I know (2X)/All the time (2X)/The way that You have planned it/It’s more than I can see/I’ll never understand it/Until I live with You in eternity”.  Jeremy wrote ‘I Still Believe’ after the death of his first wife Melissa from ovarian cancer when she was 21, and he, 23.  It is a beautiful anthem of great faith in God: “Scattered words and empty thoughts seem to pour from my heart/I’ve never felt so torn before/Seems I don’t know where to start/But it’s now that I feel Your grace fall like rain/From every fingertip, washing away all my pain/Cause I still believe in Your faithfulness/Cause I still believe in Your truth/Cause I still believe in Your holy Word/Even when I don’t see, I still believe”.

‘One Day at a Time’ is a gritty rock song that makes it clear life isn’t always easy, even for Christians:   “I’ve been shut up, shut down, held out, held down/In ways I never knew I would/But I can feel Your fullness in my life/Well, I’ve been burnt out, broken, torn out, torn down/In ways I never knew I would/But I can feel Your faithfulness in my life/In all these things I will press on, yeah/I’ll be with You/I know it won’t be long”.  ‘Breaking my Fall’ includes these poetic lyrics: “How precious are Your thoughts/The many that You think about me/Faithful are Your ways/I always feel Your grace abounding/Quickly will I call, quickly will You answer my cry/Carefully will You bring everything I need in my life/How many times You make the waves calm down/So, I won’t be afraid now”.

‘Nothing’ speaks words of truth: “Well, nothing I can do/Well, nothing I can say/Can make You love me more/Your love remains the same/Well, You gave it all for me/Well, You gladly took my place/Well, to rid myself of all/Well, all my guilt and shame, all my guilt and shame”.  ‘I Know You’re Calling’ is a wonderful song of spiritual invitation: “And I know You’re calling/And I see Your arms stretched wide/And I feel You drawing, drawing me back again”.

‘Take My Life’ was co-written by Camp and Jean Luc Lajoie.  It is a manly rocker of spiritual surrender: “Laying all down before my King/Offering all my everything/Laying all down before the One I serve/I can understand the reasons why/You came on this earth and died/And now I give it all to You/So take my life, well, take my mind/Well, take my soul/Well, take my will/Cause I am Yours now and I give it all to You”.  Finishing things off is ‘In Your Presence’, a ballad of worship: “As I bow my head before You/I lay my burdens down at Your nail pierced feet/Every ounce of You radiates Your glory/With You I know that I’m complete/And I sing ‘Hallelujah, You are my God, Maker of the heavens/Hallelujah, You are my Lord/I bow before Your presence’”.

STAY is a terrific major label debut!  It is the album of one young man who has faced life’s hardships and yet not turned his back on the Lord Jesus Christ.  If anything his faith has been strengthened by walking through life’s trials!  It is this that makes this an album of great encouragement to others going through life’s valleys.  Disappointments in life do not have to rob you of your faith in God and relationship with Him.  The twelve songs here are a combination of rock and adult contemporary music.  Camp is good at both genres.  I recommend this CD to fans of Third Day, Creed, and Kutless, and am rating it 89%.  For more info visit: and