Saturday, September 23, 2017


In 2000 Sonicflood won a Dove Award for their self-titled album.  It was for their debut and for ‘Praise and Worship’ album.  Fast forward to 2005 and they put out THIS GENERATION (INO Records), their sixth album overall.  The group’s roster was: Rick Heil (vocals, guitars), Bryan Willard (bass guitar), Trey Hill (guitars), Jordan Jameson (guitars), and Ben Showalter (drums).

First up is the title track, ‘This Generation’, penned by Kevin McDougal and Rick Heil.  Brandon Heath is a backing vocalist on this great rock song that reaches out to one’s peers: “This is a call to worship/This is a call to sing/This is a call to fall down on our knees before the Risen King/This is a call to shout out/This is a call to praise/This is a call to lift our hearts and hands and voices”.  An invitation to God is also extended: “Make every heart a new creation/Come into this generation”.  ‘All I’ve Failed to Be’ is a ballad of spiritual surrender: “I’m praying Lord break me/I’m praying Lord take me/I’m praying Lord make me/All I’ve failed to be/God above/I’m in awe of Your perfect love/Humbly I come to Your throne of grace/For a taste of You”.

Chad Cates, Jim Cooper, and Rick Heil wrote ‘You Are’.  Tony Palacios and Paul Moak play guitars on this pop/worship song: “You are the great I AM/You are the Prince of Life/You are the Spotless Lamb/My Risen King/The reason why I sing/I want to live for You/You are worthy/Boldly I’ll speak Your truth and lay down my life/And I will give You glory/For everything You are”.  ‘Everlasting’ is a beautiful song that uses strings and is about how reliable our God is: “The sky will fall/The ground will give/Through it all You will be faithful/Friends may leave/They come and go/This I know/You will be faithful (2X).../When all around is falling into waste/When the earth is dying/You cannot be erased/And I don’t have to be afraid”.

Derri Daugherty and Steve Hindalong of The Choir wrote ‘More than Anything’, an adult contemporary track that cries out to God: “More than anything in my life/More than anything my soul desires/Holy fire in the dark of my heart of hearts/How I need You/How I love You/More than anything/How sweet the rain that falls on barren land/So much more I need You/Divine the grace that heals a broken man/Precious Lord, I love You”.  Joey Canaday plays bass on ‘Prodigal’, a rock song that places total trust in God: “So here is my life/I give it all/I’m placing it in Your hands/Mold me and make me/Let me fall into Your arms of love again/Where I should have always been/My sin You remember no more/Your mercy has covered my scars/Your healing has welcomed me home/I am new in You”.

Jamie Rowe of Guardian sings backing vocals on ‘Your Love Goes On Forever’ which was written by Marc Byrd, Christine-Glass Byrd, Rick Heil, and Andrew Thompson.  It’s a pretty pop/worship tune: “Heaven and all the universe/Proclaim Your power and Your worth/Hallelujah/Your love goes on forever/God of life and Lord of love/Who was and is and is to come/Hallelujah/Your love goes on forever/All you creatures of the sea/And children of the Savior/Yearning hearts and oceans deep/Praise the Lord/For the mercy in His hands/For the healing in His scars/For the grace in His commands/Praise the Lord!”  ‘Never Forget You (Psalm 103)’ is a rock/worship testimonial: “Praise You Lord/With all my heart/I know You satisfy/Praise You Lord/Lord most high/For how You’ve changed my life/I’ll never forget that You forgive my sin/Redeem my life/From the pit/Forevermore/I’ll never forget You Lord/Your love surrounds me”.

‘Moment of Glory’ has Pete Kipley as one of the co-writers and is a pleasant song of wonder: “There’s something radical about this revelation/There’s something magical about the cloud formations/I see Your glory in this place/I feel the mystery of Your grace/There’s something wonderful about this transformation/Just like the stars shining at night/You are the sun that gives me light”.  Last up is Lara Martin’s ‘God is Here’, a light rock song with these words for a chorus: “God is here, let the broken-hearted rejoice/God is here, let the sick say I am well/God is here, let the weak say I am strong/God is here”.

THIS GENERATION is a fantastic album that blends pop and rock music sounds with modern worship lyrics.  It is an album full of spiritual passion and vitality.  God is presented as our ever present hope and true life-giver and mender of broken hearts and lives.  These ten songs express a sincere desire to know, love, and serve God wholeheartedly.  That is what life should truly be all about even if it goes against the popular flow.  We need not be ashamed to proclaim the goodness of our God.  At times the sounds on this album remind me of the CCM group PFR.  Youth and young adults who desire to glorify the Lord will appreciate THIS GENERATION which I’m rating a perfect 100%.  For more info visit Sonicflood or Rick Heil on Facebook.