Saturday, January 13, 2018


I want to thank my dear Mom Debbie Alward for buying me the new Torchmen cd FAITHFUL (2017), as part of my Christmas gift. It's my seventh cd by the group. Songwriters on the album include: Rebecca J. Peck, Luther G. Presley, Tim Lanier, Rodney Griffith, and Janice Crow. Here is my track by track summary:
1. 'It's an Everyday Thing'-About the importance of daily intimacy with Christ (upbeat musically).
2. 'Faithful Father'-About God's faithfulness and care (a ballad).
3. 'Crown Him King'-Exalting Christ and gratitude for Calvary (upbeat).
4. 'What if Someone'-The sadness of a life without Christ and the importance of witnessing (ballad).
5. 'I Want to Live Like Jesus'-A desire to be Christlike and follow Him (upbeat).
6. 'The Warrior is a Child'-A nice cover of a Twila Paris classic about God as our Refuge, and our vulnerability as humans (ballad).
7. 'Good Things'-Living life anticipating God's blessings (upbeat).
8. 'Reunion with You'-About grief and anticipating heaven (ballad).
9. 'Wonder Working God'-About God's miracles (upbeat).
10. 'I'm Gonna Keep Praying'-About the importance of constant prayer (ballad).
11. 'What Kind of Man'-The uniqueness of Christ (ballad).
12. ''When the Preacher Gets to Preachin'-About salvation and revival (upbeat).
12. 'Oh What A Price'-The Atonment (ballad).
This is a simply terrific recording! The harmonies presented here by Sandy MacGregor, Jeff Tritton, Mike Moran, and Jon Hisey are awesome. If you like groups like Gold City and the Nations, you've got to pick FAITHFUL up! I'm rating it 98 percent. For more info visit