Monday, January 15, 2018


Nichole Ellyse Nordeman was born on January 3, 1972.  She released her debut album WIDE EYED in 1998. Following that she released three more full length albums.  In 2015 she put out a six song EP entitled THE UNMAKING (Sparrow). Here are my thoughts:

1. First up is the title track, 'The Unmaking'.  It is one of four co-writes with David Hodges.  It's a great adult pop song about spiritual restoration: "This is where the walls gave way/This is demolition day/All the debris, and all this dust/What is left of what once was/Sorting through what goes and what should stay...This is the unmaking/The beauty in the breaking/Had to lose myself/To find out who You are/Before each beginning/There must be an ending/Sitting in the rubble/I can see the stars/This is the unmaking".

2. 'Not to Us' was penned by Nichole, Matt Brownleewe, and Christopher Stevens.  It is a beautiful modern worship number featuring Plumb: "Let not any passion be for kingdoms we have fashioned in our own name/For our own fame/Not to us/Not to us/But to Your Name be glory/To Your Name be glory/Not to us/Not to us/But to Your Name be glory/To Your Name.../So let us not be fooled/And let us not be disillusioned/Let our eyes see You clearly".

3. 'Name'.  A catchy pop song about our true identity in Christ: "You are still a promise/The heartbeat of God/You may have forgotten/But He has not/You are not your ashes/You are a flame/Do not ask the shadows/The Light of the world knows/Knows Your Name.../You're a friend of God, daughter, son/Blameless and forgiven one/You're a slave no more, finally free/Saints and heirs now redeemed/Your beautiful and broken heart/Is safe and sound in His arms/You are chosen, you are His/So remember this".

4. 'Love You More'.  An inspirational ballad: "I keep thinking there's a limit/Sure I must be getting near it/When I've used up every pardon and regret/But You promise there is freedom/Gathered up the broken pieces/Scattered them as far as East is from the West".

5. 'Something out of Me'.  A cheery sounding pop song with nice backing vocals.  It's about the miracle working power of God: "You lifted bread to the blue sky/They said they watched it just multiply/But in the back of a long line/Oh, I want/to believe/There's enough left for me.../You take all kinds of nothing/Turn it right in to something/I see impossible but/You see a basket full of/A little bit of this sounds crazy/A little bit of just maybe/You take every doubt and/You make something out of me".

6. 'Slow Down'.  Penned solely by Nichole.  It's a touching ballad from mother to child: "Slow down/Won't you stay here a minute more?/I know  you want to walk through the door/But it's all too fast/Let's make it last a little while/I pointed to the sky and now you wanna fly/I am your biggest fan/I hope you know I am/But do you think you can somehow/Slow down?"

Nichole Nordeman is a beautiful lady with a heart for God.  In the liner notes she writes: "Really grateful, in an ever changing industry, to still be an artist at Capitol Christian Music: there's no place I'd rather be".  I love this six song EP from Nordeman.  She's one of the best female vocalists and songwriters in CCM today.  I'm rating THE UNMAKING 90% and recommending it to fans of Natalie Grant and Sara Groves.  In 2017 she would release the full length album EVERY MILE MATTERED which features a new and awesome version of 'Slow Down' with her daughter Pepper Ingram. You'll want to check that out. For more info visit: