Thursday, March 08, 2018


The four guys in 4HIM (Marty Magehee, Andy Chrisman, Kirk Sullivan, and Mark Harris, met when they sang as part of the mixed CCM vocal group Truth.  Benson Records approached the 4 guys to form a new group and in 1990 4HIM released their self-titled debut.  In the group's first few years they became known for numerous hits including: 'Where there is Faith', 'A Man You Would Write About', 'The Basics of Life', 'A Strange Way to Save the World', and 'For Future Generations'.  Fast forward to 2003 and they released INVISIBLE (Word/Curb/Warner Bros).  It would be their last album of all original material.

1. First up is 'Fill the Earth'.  It is one of four songs on this project written by the duo of Mark Harris and Tony Wood.  Dan Needham plays drums on this upbeat adult contemporary song of praise: "All that I see before me/Screams out Your glory/You fill the earth with beauty /And leave us so amazed/
You fill the earth with power/That takes our breath away/Lord we are Your people/And for all our days/We long to fill the earth/Fill the earth with Your praise".

2. 'You Reign' finds Tim Akers playing the piano and uses the Nashville String Machine.  It is an adult contemporary ballad of worship: "You are ruler above all the nations/Sovereign through all generations/Lord You reign/One day/All kings will tremble before You/I will bow down to adore You/
Lord You reign"

3.Henry Seeley wrote 'It's All About Jesus'.  It really brings things into focus for us: "It’s all about Jesus/It’s all about the way He set us free/It’s all about Jesus/Wearing every sin at Calvary/It’s all about Jesus/It’s all about the gift of love He gave/It’s all about Jesus/Precious Lamb of God for us was slain".

4.Chris Omartian plays drums on 'The Final Word', while Mark Harris, Dave Clark, and Don Koch wrote it. It's a positive pop song: "Love knows my name, sees my need/Gives me hope, covers me/Even through the middle of the storm/Love has no fear, finds no blame/The truth will never change/After every voice is heard/Love has the final word".

5.'Candle in the Rain' is an inspirational song that speaks of faith: "I will trust that life is more/Than just what I see before me/And a bright new day is up ahead/Another chapter in the story".

6. 'Bigger than Life' makes use of saxophone, trumpet, and trombone, but includes these not so creative lyrics: "Our God is bigger than life/Bigger than anything that comes our way/Bigger than life/
Bigger than any problems we might face/Our God is so amazing beyond all we can see/So hearts of faith take courage come what may/He’s bigger than life". 

7. Next up is the title track 'Visible' on which Chris Rodriguez, Peter Kipley, and Jerry McPherson play guitars. Mark Harris wrote this inspirational ballad that clearly states a desire to share one's Christian faith with others: "Oh Lord let Your Spirit rise within me/Until the world cannot deny that You exist/This is my only passion, the very reason why I live/To make You known and to make You seen/To be Your hands and to be Your feet/Oh I want to be a revelation of love/Oh I, I want to make the invisible God – visible".

8. Mark Harris and Joel Lindsey wrote 'Let Your Kingdom Come'.  It's a sizzling country/pop number which finds Tim Akers playing the B3, and uses The Roy G. BIV String Vibe.  It includes these simple, but great lyrics: "Let it rain/Let it fall/Let Your kingdom come/Let it rain/Let it fall/Let Your kingdom come/Let Your kingdom come/I still believe You are the hope in a hopeless world/I still believe You are the light we’re looking for/I still believe in You".

9. Scott Faircloth wrote 'No Other Reason'.  It begins with these very relatable words: "Here in this heart, it's so hard to believe/You're still the One pursuing me/I feel I don't deserve/All that You've given me/Lord I am amazed/Tell me how can it be that after all this time You'd still love me?/So let me say to You/Thanks for the love You bring".

10. Last up, is 'The Promise' penned by Mark Harris and Dave Clark.  Michael Omartian plays piano and Eric Darken plays percussion on this inspirational ballad of comfort: "You may be waiting for the fire/When I’m calling through the rain/You may be listening for the thunder/While I’m whispering your name/You may be searching for a sign/To let you know that it’s okay/Hold on/Cause I’m on My way".

VISIBLE was produced by Peter Kipley, Michael Omartian, and Marty Magehee and executive produced by Michael Omartian.  It is mainly an inspirational music album with touches of adult contemporary and pop thrown into the mix.  There are four upbeat songs and six slower ones.  4HIM praises God for His power, His creation, and His sovereignty.  They celebrate God's love for us as well as the death and resurrection of Jesus.  The group sees hope for the future and desires to share Christ with the world.  Though not as strong as some of their earlier albums I'm still rating VISIBLE 84% and recommending it to fans of Selah, Avalon, and old-school Point of Grace. For more info connect with the four guys on Facebook.