Thursday, March 01, 2018


Seventh Day Slumber formed in Dallas, Texas in 1996.  For several years they were an independent band.  They signed with BEC Records in 2005 and released ONCE UPON A SHATTERED LIFE which included the songs `Caroline`and 'Oceans from the Rain'.  Fast forward to 2009 and they released TAKE EVERYTHING (BEC Recordings).  It peaked at #141 on the Billboard 200 and at #11 on the Top Christian Albums chart.  Group members at the time were Joseph Rojas (vocals, guitar), Josh Schwartz (bass), Jeremy Holderfield (guitar), and Elliot Lopes (drums).

1. First up is a rocked up version of 'How Great is Our God' which was penned by Chris Tomlin, Jesse Reeves, and Ed Cash.  It glorifies God: "How great is our God, sing with me/How great is our God and all will sing/How great, How great is our God/Age to age He stands/And time is in His hands/Beginning and the End/Beginning and the End/The Godhead, Three in One/Father, Spirit, Son/
The Lion and the Lamb/The Lion and the Lamb".

2. 'Surrender' is a rock ballad about turning one's life over to God: "I'm giving You my heart/
And all that is within/I lay it all down/For the sake of You my King/I'm giving You my dreams/I'm laying down my rights/I'm giving up my pride/For the promise of new life/And I surrender all to You/
All to You/And I surrender all to You/All to You".

3. Brooke Fraser wrote 'Lead Me to the Cross'.  It is a quiet prayer: "Lead me to the cross/Where Your love poured out/Bring me to my knees/Lord I lay me down/Rid me of myself/I belong to You
Oh lead me/Lead me to the cross".

4. 'Everlasting God' is a pleasant sounding adult contemporary song of testimony: "Our God, You reign forever/Our hope, our Strong Deliverer/You are the everlasting God/The everlasting God/You do not faint/You won't grow weary/You're the defender of the weak/You comfort those in need/You lift us up on wings like eagles".

5. A beefed up version of 'Mighty to Save' written by Benjamin Fielding and Joel Houston is up next.  It's a song of praise: "Savior/He can move the mountains/My God is Mighty to save/He's Mighty to save/Forever/Author of salvation/He rose and conquered the grave/Jesus conquered the grave".

6. 'From the Inside Out' is a quieter song that begins by speaking of God's faithfulness: "A thousand times I've failed/Still your mercy remains/Should I stumble again/I'm caught in Your grace/Everlasting, Your light will shine/When all else fades/Never ending, Your glory goes/Beyond all fame".

7. A well-done rockier version than what most of us are accustomed to of MercyMe's classic 'I Can Only Imagine' follows.  It contemplates heaven: "Surrounded by Your glory, what will my heart feel?/Will I dance for You Jesus or in awe of You be still?/Will I stand in Your presence or to my knees will I fall?/Will I sing hallelujah, will I be able to speak at all?/I can only imagine".

8. The title track, 'Take Everything', is one of two songs in a row penned solely by lead singer Joseph Rojas.  This one is an adult rock ballad about dedication to Christ: "Praising You is not just the songs I sing/Jesus here I am/Take everything/Take the pain inside/Take the brokenness/Don’t stop til there’s nothing left/My arrogance/My pride/My loss of innocence/Jesus, take everything".

9. 'Carry Me' is an adult contemporary ballad that cries out to God for help: "And I am desperate/
And I can’t do this on my own/Won’t You carry me?/My arms are wide open/I’m giving everything/
Would You carry me?/Oh Lord I surrender/I’m letting go today".

10. 'Famous One' is a strong rock song of praise with great electric guitar work: "You are the Lord/
The Famous One, Famous One/Great is Your Name in all the earth/The heavens declare/You're glorious, glorious/Great is Your fame beyond the earth!"

11. 'Nothing but the Blood' is a melodic rock song that gratefully speaks of the atonement: "What can wash away our sins?/What can make us whole again?/Nothing but the blood, nothing but the blood of Jesus/What can wash us pure as snow?/Welcomed as the friends of God?/Nothing but Your blood, nothing but Your blood/King Jesus".

12. Last up is 'Oceans from the Rain' featuring Pablo Olivares.  It was written by Joseph Rojas and Hunz Van Vliel.  It's a sentimental ballad: "And I’m amazed by You/Cause You’re never far away/
And all that I’ve been through/Your love has never changed/You make oceans from the rain/Breathing life into this place/And I will drown inside Your love/Until I see Your perfect face".

TAKE EVERYTHING was produced by Brent Milligan. It had the potential to be a dud seeing as it is comprised of mostly worship cover songs, however I was pleasantly surprised with this album which I picked up at Goodwill yesterday.  Themes here include: exalting God for who He is (His attributes- which include strength and faithfulness), committing oneself to God and following Him daily as an act of worship, gratitude for the cross and the blood of Jesus which gives us salvation, and also heaven.  If you like the rock and adult contemporary worship offerings of artists such as Kutless, Jeremy Camp, and Third Day, you'll want to pick this one up. I'm rating TAKE EVERYTHING 88 %. For more info visit: