Thursday, April 12, 2018


Steve Green was born on August 1, 1956 in Portland, Oregon.  In the past he has sung with Truth, the Bill Gaither Trio (background), the Gaither Vocal Band, and White Heart. In 1984 he released his self-titled solo debut.  Over the years he became known for such songs as: 'Proclaim the Glory of the Lord', 'He Holds the Keys', 'Find Us Faithful', and 'The Mission'.  Fast forward to 2005 and Steve released SOMEWHERE BETWEEN (Sparrow).  It was produced by Greg Nelson and executive produced by Peter York.

1. First up is 'You're My God' penned by Bob Farrell, Steve, and Brian D. Siewert. Musically and vocally this song of testimony sounds like a powerful Broadway number: "My soul was in darkness from birth/Unable to find meaning on earth/Yet through all of my days You were there/Though nature told of Your fame/Finally You spoke and called me by name/Now You're my end and beginning/Father of mercy to me/You're my God/You will always be/Though you live in the light/You reach down through the dark of my night".

2. David Huntsinger plays piano and Mary Kathryn Vanosdale provides a violin solo on 'For Your Pleasure'.  This slow, inspirational music track will please those who stress the atonement: "Broken body, willing spirit/On a lonely cross You suffered/O, the wonder of Your love/And the mystery of the blood/Flowing from Your heart that now redeems us/For Your pleasure, Lord, I worship You".

3. Steve, Doug McKelvey, and Bernie Herms wrote 'In Brokenness You Shine', a strong inspirational number about God's faithfulness to us: "When I can't find the words to speak/You hear the pain in each heartbeat/Before I even call to You/In my deepest hour of need/That's when You come and pour Your mercy on me/Your beauty shines, Your love surrounds/Where cries of brokenness are found bring hope alive/Help me believe/And trust You one more time/In brokenness You shine (2X)".

4. Marcos Vidal, Greg Nelson, and Paul Marino wrote the Spanish song 'Tu Presencia'. Here are some of the words when translated into English: "In my need/My heart failed me/Till in my desert/The light of Your love found me/In Your presence, Jesus/I rest/In You my soul found its place/Your presence is my cloak, my home/My sustenance, my peace".

5. 'Open our Eyes' is an inspirational song that includes these prayerful words: "Open our eyes to the joy that's to come/Open our eyes to the home that we seek/Open our eyes to the promise of heaven/Open our eyes to eternity's dream".

6. David Cleveland is the guitarist on 'Sorrow Mixed with Light'. This song finds Steve talking to God: "My eyes look to You, You're the hope of my days/My eyes look to You as I cry out Your Name/And I wait for all things to be remade/Not every earthly tear/That falls is wiped away/For some are like refining fire/That turn my heart to You, my one desire".

7. 'When the Morning Comes' is an inspirational anthem of positivity: "When the winds of trouble blow/I run to hide in You/So thank You for the storms that keep faith alive/I will see You smile/When the morning comes/Though my tears may last a while/You raise me up/To wait for the hope of the dawn/And bathe in the warmth of the sun/When the morning comes".

8. Paul Marino and Greg Nelson wrote 'Forgive Me' which is an easy listening ballad appropriate for taking communion: "As I hold Your broken body/And drink Your bitter cup/Help me realize the depth/Of Your redeeming love/And for all the sin in me/Any sin at all/Forgive me (3X)".

9. Steve co-wrote 'In You Alone' with Bernie Herms.  It includes these words of testimony: "When I am lost, You rescue me from danger/And when I fall, You pick me up again/When I resist, You love past my defenses/And though I stray, You're patient to the end"

10. The last song, 'Be at Rest' is based on Psalm 116:7-8.  It is a soothing song: "Be at rest, be at rest once more/O my soul, for the Lord has been good.../For You, O Lord/Have delivered my soul from death/My eyes from tears/And You, O Lord/Have delivered my feet from stumbling".

SOMEWHERE BETWEEN is pretty much straight up an album of ten inspirational ballads, so if that is your thing, you will be ecstatic!  Thematically the album reminds us that we were created for God's pleasure and to worship Him.  We should worship Him for His patience, faithfulness, love, and beauty.  More specifically we should worship Him for sending His Son, Jesus, to die on the cross for us to provide us with total forgiveness from our sins.  It is only in Christ and His presence that we can find security, peace, hope, and healing from our brokenness.  Heaven is our ultimate forever home.  Steve's vocals are top-notch on this recording.  I really, really would have liked at least two faster paced songs thrown in for variety though. I'm rating SOMEWHERE BETWEEN 82%.  For more info visit: or look him up on Facebook.