Monday, April 30, 2018


LoveCollide is sister duo Brooke DeLeary and Lauren DeLeary Budnick.  Their first ep I'M OUT was released under the name The DeLearys in 2011.  In 2014 they put out their first studio album (self-titled).  This was followed by the 2015 ep FA LA LA CHRISTMAS and their second studio album RESONATE: A RIPPLE TO A WAVE (2016).  Fast forward to April 2018 and they have released their third studio album, TIRED OF BASIC (ABS Entertainment/The Fuel Music).  The duo's website says: "We are aliens in this world and live by heaven's rules...Let's be the weirdos God called us to be and prove to the world that we are not extinct.  Ordinary people do extraordinary things because we serve an extraordinary God.  Let's stir things up and fight for revival.  This is the rebelution. Will you join us?" The duo's bio says this album is about "a revolution against boredom, mediocrity, and status quo living".

1. First up is 'Awake'.  It's a terrific, atmospheric pop/dance song of encouragement for the disheartened: "You may have moments in life when you doubt/The goodness of God and the strength of His power/He wants to use you wherever you are/Give Him your heart, you're never too far/Live like you're awake, wake, wake, wake (2X)/Live the life He gave, gave/Live like you're awake, wake, wake, wake, wake".

2. 'Undeniable' is a modern worship/dance track: "In Your presence the darkness fades/With a whisper the storms obey/Just one touch and the shadows leave/By the power of Christ our King/The nations quake, the mountains shake/Dead hearts come awake at the power of Your Name/All heaven bows, the earth cries out/Our God, He is un-undeniable".

3. The album's lead single is next.  'I Don't Want It' is one of three songs written by Lauren, Brooke, Riley Friesen, and Matt Dally.  This one is a pop/R&B track that is very current sounding. It finds the ladies pouring out their hearts to God: "Everything that I held on to/I am letting go/Every dream I make without You/You can take it all/I don't want it if it's without You/I don't want it/Nothing else will do/All in all You are everything/All that's left I won't ever need/So I don't want it/I just want You".

4. 'IBIL' includes these uncreative lyrics: "I believe in loud, loud, loud/My God's amazing/My reason to be loud, loud, loud/Turn it up to eleven/Loud as heaven/Loud, loud, loud.../It's not a little secret I can keep/No, I'm not gonna whisper/I will scream".

5. 'Take Me On' is a cool pop/rock number that finds the ladies desiring to be transformed by God: "Push through round two/You know my every move/Pin down, knock out anything not of You/Don't let me slip away/I don't want to play it safe/Round three bell rings.../So take me on/Give me a new name my God/I need a heart change/Make something of my life/When our worlds collide/So, take me on".

6. Lauren, Brooke, and Dee Briggs wrote 'So What', a pop song that comments on society today and tells us how we should respond to it: "Some want to blur the lines and paint them grey/Instead of black and white to shake your faith/They'll misuse words like hate and tolerate/But His cross was heavy/He can bear the weight/So what, you don't fit in/So what, you're different/So what, they'll come at you/So what would Jesus do?/Love, Love, Love, Love". Riley Friesen plays guitar and Matt Dally plays bass.

7. The ethereal, intimate ballad 'Maybe' follows.  It's addressed to God: "Pretending that I am fine/But You knew me all along/You know what I've done/You know that I was wrong/Is this love?/Is this real love?.../Never been satisfied/Left to my own device/All my ups and downs drove me crazy/I just can't believe You'd still want me".

8. 'Breaking My Heart' is another great ballad.  This one finds God speaking to a prodigal: "Watching you get into trouble/ You've been flirting with the devil/But if you'd call when you fall/I would love you right out of this/But you leave me out of it.../You killed me once but I'd die for you twice/Give me your heart and I give you my life".

 9. Lauren, Brooke, Riley Friesen, Matt Dally, Mark Heimermann, and Stephen Leiweke wrote 'Wildfire'.  It's a slow, techno-pop song that makes it clear these two ladies want to make a positive difference for God on earth: "These days intensifying/We don't have time to waste/The temperature is rising/We're gonna storm the gates/Waking up this generation/Be a part, be the spark right now/Holy Spirit, move through us/Let revival rage".

10. Last up is 'X-Ordinary'.  It is one of two songs written by Lauren, Brooke, and Andrew Bergthold.  It reminds Christians that we are to be set apart from the world: "Tired of basic/Tired of the same things/Chasing the small dreams/Living like everyone else/We were meant to be different/We don't fit in so don't give in/To living like everyone else/We're meant to be/Extraordinary, eh, eh, eh (4X)/Tired of basic, oh, oh, oh/Tired of basic/Tired, tired of basic".

TIRED OF BASIC was produced by Riley Friesen and Matt Dally, while Friesen is also responsible for the programming.  This is clearly an album with a Christian message.  It encourages youth and young adults to abide in Christ and to stand up for their faith boldly and unashamedly.  This is how we can be spiritually alive and active. We can be God's hands, feet and mouthpieces while we are here on earth.  Of utmost importance is being fully surrendered to God and transformed by Him.  Brooke and Lauren encourage us to rise above hedonism and materialism and live sold out for Jesus.  Musically, this is radio friendly Top 40 pop/dance material.  Fans of Selena Gomez, 1GN, Demi Lovato, and V. Rose will be drawn to these ten songs.  I'm rating TIRED OF BASIC 96%. My only criticism would be that some of the songs start to sound the same. To avoid this, on the next record I'd like to see them add a rap break in one or two of the songs and an electric guitar solo or two. That being said this is a standout album indeed! For more info visit: or connect with them on Facebook.