Sunday, August 11, 2019


Ohio's Weapons of God have released their debut album of the same name on Roxx Records in 2019. It was produced by Luke Nealigh of BioGenesis and executive produced by Bill Bafford. The band's roster is listed as: Steve McGowan (vocals, guitars, keyboards), Leon Black (vocals, guitars), Ed Girard (bass guitar), and Greg Alan (drums). On their official website they quote Psalm 144:1 which reads: "Blessed be the Lord, my rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle".

Starting things off is the hard rocking 'Are You Ready?'. It points to Christ as life's ultimate answer: "His Name will reign forever/My Father, my Savior/Creator, Deliverer/He is the Master, the Healer/The Author, the Perfecter of our faith/Are you ready?.../In a blink of an eye/He will come like a thief in the night/It's a matter of time/Don't be the one left behind". 'Call Your Name' is a power praise song: "My life is never going to be the same again/Since You got a hold of me/Never returning to the place where it began/Because it was You that set me free".

'Glory And The Power' is a pounding metal track that exalts God unashamedly: "Upon that cross He died for me/For my sins He set me free/Praise Him today! (2X).../The Holy Spirit is with you, yeah/Band of angels singing everywhere/He's got a love that lasts forever". 'Ghost' is the longest song clocking in at over eight and a half minutes long. It starts slow but gains speed musically. Also, it contrasts unclean spirits with God's: "Ghost in you, Ghost in me/I can feel it deep inside/The Holy Spirit starts to rise/I was walking with the demons/Talking to the dead/Searching for the reasons/I should have looked to You instead/You opened my eyes/And You made it all so clear/The only ghost, the Holy Ghost/I do not fear".

'Heaven Can't Wait' is a hard rock song of spiritual invitation: "There's a better way to come alive/Take His hand, leave it all behind/He can take you to His Holy place/And save you with His Holy grace/Heaven can't wait (2X)/Trust in His faith before it's too late/It's not God that sends you to hell/It's only you that sends yourself/Heaven can't wait". 'Simple Solution' is a pulsating rocker that shares the Gospel: "Unto this earth a child is born/Who will die for our sins for everyone/So, let it be written, let it be done/God sent His only beloved Son/Jesus, my Prince of Peace/Blessed is His Name/My Savior forever".

Next up is 'Saving Grace', a pretty praise and worship number: "Oh, Jesus, You are my saving grace/You are my shining light/That guides me on my darkest days/You are my love, You are my life/You are my Savior Jesus Christ/My Friend for eternity and I love You". 'Angry' is a meaty metal track with these intriguing lyrics: "This anger, it runs deep/My patience so thin/This anger, it runs deep/This anger, is not sin/Purge it out from inside/Force control again/My God, my peace is in You/My anger is in men".

The title track, 'Weapons of God', follows. It's almost six and a half minutes long. It's a strong metal cut about spiritual warfare: "With every devotion we will defeat/The ways of temptation the devil will bring/Stand firm, stand strong with God's armor on/We are the weapons, the weapons of God.../With the shield of faith and the helmet of salvation/We will stand against hate and all temptation". The songs ends with the sound of a storm and rain. Last up is 'Fade Away', a quieter tune that reflects on an old man: "Where's his family and his friends?/Did he have any kids?/He just sits there day to day/For God to take Him away/And it makes me wonder/It makes me think/If one day that could happen to me/To know I got no place to go/When I'm all alone". This track also ends with a storm.

WEAPONS OF GOD is an awesome hard rock/metal album with great vocals and electric guitar work! Although there are a few laid back moments, for the most part this is a heavy album musically. The band makes it clear that salvation and eternal life in heaven are only found through Jesus Christ. He is the answer to life's troubles and questions and worthy of our praise. He alone can make us new creations and we can have His Holy Spirit living in our lives. We can use the spiritual weapons of warfare that God gives us to defeat the devil and temptation. I'm rating this album 98% and recommending it to fans of Stryper, Deliverance, and Liaison. For more info visit and