Tuesday, January 02, 2007

HEAD EAST Posted by Picasa
My brother got me a gem of a present for Christmas this time around. He actually found a copy of "The Best of Head East" at Sam the Record Man in Toronto. Head East is the secular band that John Schlitt sang with before he joined Petra in 1986. I really didn't know what to expect when i popped this disc into my player this morn. Musically, i would compare Head East to a mix of old DeGarmo and Key with more vocal harmonies. Vocally at times i was reminded of Rush, and of course Petra.

Lyrically the songs speak of string-free relationships, drinking, and good times. But that is not all. "City of Gold" seems to ponder another place. It is a good precursor to Schlitt's Christian works. Thruout the album one gets the sense that Head East were a bunch of guys out to have some fun while playing rock and roll. The lyrics and the delivery of them are good-natured and the overall theme of the album seems to be something like the following: We're all in this life together. Might as well enjoy it to the full. Yes, heartache occurs, but good prevails in the end.

Overall, i give the album a 75 percent, with 70 being average. It is a solid collection of old-time rock and roll that will for the most part leave you in a good mood.